Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sunday Stealing

I'm joining up with the Sunday Stealing crowd where we answer questions/write responses together. Bev steals the questions and this week. This week she stole from League of Extraordinary Penpals.

1. My favorite sources for delicious recipes: I find a lot of recipes online. I usually google what I'm looking for and read several recipes. Sometimes I pick one recipe and sometimes I combine a few. I also have two other sources I use regularly. One is a cookbook that I love and the other is a big white three ring binder. One year I took all of my paper recipes on our vacation and at night, I put the binder together with all of my handwritten recipes in plastic sleeves.


2. If I had to repeat a day over & over, how I’d want it to go: Wake up with people I love. Read a little. Write a little. Laugh a lot. Eat some good food around a table filled with happy people. Spend some time on the beach. Breathe deeply. I am blessed that I get to do many of those things every day. It would be nice to add in some beach time every day but we live about 4 hours from the coast.


3. Who or what has saved my life: That is a deep question. I believe in God so I definitely think my faith/God's grace has played into my life in a huge way. I often feel like Mark has saved me from myself many times over the years. He is a much better money manager than I am and he is definitely a better saver than I am (play on words there!).


4. Something I can never seem to start or finish - the answer to this question!!


5. How my taste in food has changed over the years - I actually ate salmon for dinner on Saturday night and I've always hated salmon. Mark tried a new recipe and I was  able to eat it. I also eat cooked greens now and I hated those when I was growing up. 


6. The last time I cried - I am not a big crier but I teared up on Saturday night when we were watching this week's Ted Lasso. I love that show.


7. The best parts of human nature - There are quite a few -- the ability to care about others; the ability to show emotion; the ability to think and plan and dream and learn new things. My list could go on.


8. Concepts and ideas that bend my mind - Anything related to physics blows (bends?) my mind. Also, sometimes the opinions of others bend my mind.


9. What I’m most likely to ask for help with - lifting heavy things!


10. The story behind one of my scars - I have a scar on the inside of my ankle. I was climbing on a neighbor's running board on a really old car and there was a piece of jagged metal and it came in contact with the skin -- stitches!


11. I’ve never said this out loud...and I'm not going to say it now!


12. Times I’ve been the leader/the one people count on: I teach a large Sunday School class and people sometimes count on me.


13. Whenever I see these people, my heart lights up -- our granddaughters and their parents. If I've been away from Mark, my heart lights up when I see him, too!


14. With my financial needs met, here’s how I’d spend my time - traveling the world and seeing new things!


15. The people I talk to when I want the truth - I have a co-worker who is usually honest with me and I have a close friend who is honest with me.




  1. I love salmon. But I hated veggies as a kid though now they're (mostly) fine. I find as I get older, I cry much easier; I went to the movies yesterday and saw Somewhere in Queens, starring and directed by Ray Romano and my wife and I both cried at the last scene (it wasn't sad, btw)

    1. I want to LOVE salmon but I only tolerate it. I love most veggies now. Thanks so much for commenting! Have a great day!

  2. #11 ... exactly!
    I once had a pastor who claimed our taste buds change every 7 years; she'd insist her sons taste everything -- 'Just because you didn't like it then, you might like it now.'
    ... Not sure where that came from but it makes sense. I used to loathe tomatoes and mushrooms, but now I like both.

    1. I haven't read everyone's answers yet but I did wonder if anyone would share something they had never said outloud!!

  3. I hope that trip for stitches included a tetanus shot, too. Yikes.

    1. I'm sure it did! Do you know what I remember from the two times I had to go to the doctor for that kind of injury? I remember my mom making a pallet of quilts on the floor for me to lie on in the living room!!

  4. #4 is how all of these questions made me feel so I skipped it again this week. Your answers are well done!! Have a blessed week ahead!!

  5. I also had a problem with #4. My food tastes lessened really. I wouldnt eat some of the things I used to eat as a kid, but overall nothing has changed. I am a spaghetti freak.

  6. Oh yeah, my perfect over and over day would definitely include the beach. I said the same thing for #11!