Monday, June 6, 2022

Weekend in Review

The weekend started with lunch with three of my besties on Friday. We TRY to go to lunch on the first Friday of every month. I've written about them before. We raised our kids together and we go to the same church and they often keep me sane -- even when they don't know they are doing that for me!

Friday night was quiet. Mark had spent Wednesday night with his mom and Thursday night at the farm. We ate some sort of leftovers or a turkey sandwich for dinner. Then we watched a couple of episodes of the two shows we are watching right now -- Hanna and Tehran. Both are gripping.

Saturday morning, I hit the ground running and went to my WW (Weight Watchers) meeting and then hit up the grocery story. Do you know that there was not a single chicken breast - fresh nor frozen - in my grocery story on a Saturday morning???? For some reason, it slightly freaks me out when I see whole sections of the grocery store EMPTY. I can't imagine being a mother needing to buy formula.

Our weekend got busy at this point. We had granddaughter #2 for several hours while her mommy and daddy went to an appointment.

To me, this is a real life photo. We
have playdough from one end of the 
island to the other -- yes, that is a
bowtie wearing cat that Gran made!
The stack of books and laptop
at the end of the island were
what I was using to write my
Sunday School lesson.

I don't think I was too rusty on
preparing lunch for an almost
3 year old. A PBJ sandwich,
a little sliced turkey, some
fresh strawberries, and an
apple juice pouch . . .
surrounded by play dough and
cookie cutters.

We did ALL of the things - we played
Barbies, we played with play dough,
we played with kinetic sand (that stuff is
awesome), we played on the

And . . .we played with bubble llama.
Gran saw it at the store and it is
always nice to have a new toy.
I recommend this one though
the song it plays might
drive you nuts.

As soon as they got in their car to head home, Mark and I tried to rest for a few minutes and then it was time to get ready to go to a wedding! I love our church. This was a sweet and simple wedding and that is one of my favorite kinds. After we were late for the last wedding (which has NEVER happened), we made sure we were early for this wedding. All of those pews in front of us were filled with people by the time the wedding started.

The reception was at a local venue, The Farrell, and it was well done. All of the guests gathered in the courtyard for a glass of champagne along with small bites served by the wait staff. They had fancy pigs in a blanket and fried green tomatoes.

The couple is from our Tuesday night group. She joined back during covid when we were only meeting online and then when we were able to meet in person, he started attending, too. They are so sweet and Mark and I have enjoyed both of them so much. That is the toughest part about hosting the young professionals every week. We grow to love them as our own . . .and then they get a better job and move away or they meet someone and fall in love and get married . . .and they are no longer a part of our group. Yes, we love that good things happen to and for them all. We want them to grow and mature. We just miss them when they are gone.

We somehow ended up eating at the table with quite a few relatives of the bride!

I rarely drink wine but this was actually quite yummy! I wish I knew what brand -- Mark grabbed it for me from the bar.

Here we are -- all dressed up -- with the sweet couple!

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. I worked in the Welcome Center from 7:45-8:30 and then I ran upstairs and joined Mark for worship. I taught Sunday School - on the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price! I then worked in the Welcome Center until 11:15 and headed to Mark's mother's house for Sunday lunch.

I left her house and drove an hour and 15 minutes to another town in Alabama for a baby shower for my great niece, Madison.

This is my pretty niece (mother of the mother-to-be).
My sister (mother of my niece :-)) is 13 years older
than me but my niece is only 8 years
younger than me.

I actually left before she started opening her presents.
This is what Mark and I bought her -- a high
chair from her registry.

Here is the mom-to-be and
my sister. This baby will be my
sister's first great grandbaby.

The mom-to-be and her middle sister.

The mom-to-be surrounded by her gifts.

This is the other sister of the mom-to-be.
She made the cutest baby
Jeopardy game. I normally HATE
shower games but this was fun!

Here is the mom to be surrounded
by gifts!

Here I am with my sister. We were
missing the middle one! I hadn't
seen her since before covid!

I had never seen these clear blocks
before. They filled them with balloons.
So cute!!

I stayed about an hour at the shower and drove home. Just FYI - gas was $4.599 when I filled up. Since I had an hour and 15 minute drive, I listened to the book we are studying with the young adults -- Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald. I love audible!

I'm going to be honest. When I got home, I crashed. I had gone non-stop for two straight days plus worked a full week last week, etc. Mark and I watched 2 episodes of Hanna and went to bed by 9:30. I accidentally set my alarm clock for the wrong time and we overslept by 30 minutes. Yay for Harvey, the cat, who woke us up!


  1. Oh, that bride is gorgeous! And what a fun baby shower! I know you had to have been running on fumes, but I'll bet you fell asleep with a smile on your face! That's a good idea to grocery shop AFTER having attended WW; too often, I'll go on an empty stomach with little to no willpower. Have a great day!

  2. I would have passed out too; that looked like a lot! Although the wedding looked lovely.

  3. So nice to meet up with your friends for lunch. There was recently a big chicken farm that burned down. I have heard that there have been about 7 big fires at places that produce our food. People are believing that the government is doing this to get control over us. Our country is in sad shape right now. (okay, off my soapbox) Your granddaughter is adorable. So glad you got to spend time with her. Oh my, then you went to a wedding. Lovely photos. Wow, then you went to the baby shower. You have been busy! Beautiful photos. I would have crashed for sure. Our gas her in southern California is $7.