Thursday, December 17, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Yes, I realize that I'm writing this in December but to be honest, I haven't had time to write. I've said that I haven't had time for several things and I am struck by how much I was evidently doing in 2019 and earlier compared to this year. How in the heck did I have time for anything back then?? I should have all of the time in the world in 2020 since most things have ground to a halt. Alas, that is not so for whatever reason.

So Thanksgiving 2020 -- Thanksgiving in the middle of a pandemic -- Thanksgiving in a year where we were urged not to gather in groups greater than 10 or with only those who live in the same house. 

Every holiday for over a year has been different for us starting with Christmas 2019. 2019 was our first year to wake up all alone on Christmas morning but it was actually okay. Different but okay. We rolled around to Valentine's Day which we celebrated with a salad from the Chick Fil A drive through because we had jet lag from our wonderful trip to Israel. Then just a few weeks later Covid-19 hit in full force and everything shut down. Easter was different. Birthdays were different. Halloween was different. Of course, that meant Thanksgiving would be different. The good news is that we have been with Mark's mother and siblings most every week since June and we've been with our son's family most every week so we felt "relatively" safe gathering at our house for Thanksgiving. I only took one picture with people in it!
pumpkin (butternut squash) casserole ready
to go back in oven to brown marshmallows
green bean casserole and gravy

cheese ball and crackers and our 
non-alcoholic (mother-in-law is a teetotaler)
cranberry juice and gingerale

We only have 1 oven so after I made a great honey glaze,
Mark heated our ham
on the grill

Our family always has a "relish" tray -
does yours? I love Thanksgiving
decorations - those are nutcracker

The "spread" - a ridiculous amount of
food for 8 people
My son made one dish and
my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
brought 2 dishes and my
mother-in-law made the pies
so I definitely didn't have to do it all

Mark smoked the turkey on his
Pit Barrel Cooker

Two turkeys

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