Thursday, December 24, 2020

Random Christmas Eve 2020

Isn't this an unusual year? Normally, we would have attended church tonight and celebrated with pizza with family after church. Instead Mark and I took his mom to drive-through communion at 1:00. My mother-in-law kept asking us if the wafer was to be eaten. She kept saying that it tasted like paper. Yes, Gmom . . .it does indeed taste like paper! We then watched the pre-recorded Christmas Eve service at 4:00, the livestream of the service at 6:00

and then we rewatched the Contact Christmas service from Sunday night (our contemporary service). While we watched we sipped some Bailey's. Yes, it is indeed a strange Christmas. Now Christmas Vacation is on! I worked a couple of hours this morning and this afternoon (after communion), I made cookies (M&M cookie recipe from The Turquoise Table - which I am reading).

 and Cherry Polenta Cake (except we used blackberries). The "cake" is very similar to a clafoutis and has an "egg custard" taste. Mark loved it!

We watched Chef Symon and his wife make this recipe the other night and both wanted to try it! 

We've texted and talked with some out of state family. We've texted with some friends. We've had several thoughtful gifts dropped off on our porch today from bourbon balls (Mark's favorite) to popcorn to warm socks.

Santa just drove by on the firetruck (that is a normal thing!!). Of course, I ran outside and took a quick picture and you can't see Santa - I'm thinking that he is inside the firetruck because it is so cold here. The firetruck was moving rapidly - I imagine those firefighters were cold and tired  - it was almost 9 p.m. and they had been driving around for hours!

Last night (Christmas Eve Eve), I finished decorating our dining room table. I've never been a "flower arranger" but right before the pandemic I went to a wonderful women's conference and one of the breakout sessions was flower arranging. I know this sounds totally stupid but I have always thought I could NOT arrange flowers. I wouldn't even attempt it. I made one arrangement in the breakout session and for some reason it gave me enough confidence to try several things this year. I'm never going to be an expert and don't aspire to be . . .but if I can decorate my mailbox or my dining room table, I'm happy!

So how was your Christmas Eve? Did you do what you've always done?

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