Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Fly

We are moving right on into another wedding and wedding party season . . . and this party was for Little Fly. Of course, that is not really his name but that is what I've heard him called in my house so many times. Kevin was a little sixth grader way back when we drove cross country to Colorado for youth choir tour . . .Glenn and Laura were in high school. Kevin was a part of the "rat pack" and those little boys toted and loaded and unloaded suitcases and equipment all week long. Some of those suitcases were as big as those boys . . . and now one of those boys is getting married. How could that possibly be happening???? How could it be?????

There were about 8 couples hosting this party and it was quite lovely. My sister-in-law, Alice, is so very talented. She arranged ALL the flowers. They were spectacular.  The theme for the party was a tool shower.  She found a couple of antique tool boxes and made a couple of the arrangements in tool boxes and she arranged some of the others like terrariums.  I used my silhouette cameo and cut out lots of  "F's" and tied the forks with twine and an "f" and put them all in a small galvanized bucket.

Alice hand-stenciled the burlap ribbon with their names so I used a stencil shape for the "f's" to continue the theme.  Lynn came up with the great idea to use some tin cans as the votive candle holders on the dining room table.

I love this arrangement . . .look at the little bird's nest down in the arrangement. . . and more stencilled ribbon.

Kay's (another hostess) daughter is a graphic designer/artist and she designed the invitation and the little cards that described the food.  She did an amazing job!!  She and her sister are now in business and the name of their company is Empress Stationary (I think this is right) and you can check out their blog and email them at (see the cute invitation in the frame below!!)

Here are some of the fun hostesses . .  Geri, Theresa and Ruth Ann . . .in front of the sink . . .we washed a lot of dishes :-)
There were lots of fun guests . . .

Here is a picture of the cute bride, Alex and the cute groom, Kevin.

You would not believe how many tools they received.  Kevin received at least two ladders and drills and every other tool imaginable.  All of the hosts and hostesses went together and we got him one of those giant tool boxes with all of the little drawers (actually two of them). 
It was a great evening filled with wonderful food - three different kinds of sliders and potato salad and oriental slaw and baked beans and chips and all sorts of desserts from lemon squares to brown sugar brownies to chocolate something or other and beer and wine. Even more importantly, Kevin and his parents, Debbie and Jim, were surrounded by those who love them, who support them and who care about them. It was a special evening!!

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