Monday, March 11, 2013

I didn't pass . . .

Way back when . . .really . . . way back when . . .a million years ago . . .actually almost forty years ago, my daddy taught me how to drive.  My mom died during my sophomore year of high school and we lived in a small house BUT we had a great straight driveway.  It was narrow.  Our house was on one side of the driveway and the neighbor's fence was on the other side of the driveway.  I learned to drive by backing up and driving forward in that driveway.  I can back almost any vehicle up perfectly still to this day. After mastering the driveway, daddy would take me over to this little dirt road that ran behind the vocational school and behind the high school and he would let me drive around and around that street.  Of course, he allowed me to do all this driving long before I had my permit.  It is a good thing because when we went to get my permit . . . I didn't pass!!  Not because I didn't pass the "book" test . . .but because I didn't pass the eye exam!!!  They told us that I had to get glasses!!  Poor daddy.  Back in the 70's, daddies were not as active in parenting as they are now.  Daddy probably had no idea how to go about getting prescription glasses for a teenage girl!!  Seems like I remember daddy wearing some.  I'll have to ask my sisters when he starting wearing them.  I know that I have some pictures of him wearing at least readers.

Fast forward many years and somewhere along the way, I stopped wearing those eyeglasses.  One night, my best friend, Karen and I were driving to her mom's house out in Huffman.  It was a dark and stormy night (I have always wanted to use that line!!).  Really, I think it was just a dark night and I could not find the turn.  Karen was yelling at me and it dawned on me that I couldn't see!!  So back to the eye doctor I went.

I was working at South Central Bell or AT&T at the time and so I'm sure I asked around about eye doctors and I found one and made an appointment to go and have my eyes examined and order glasses.  I was relatively poor back in those days and I ordered some hard contacts.  I loved those contacts but I burned my corneas by leaving them in way too long one night . . .while out partying. . . at a place called Duggans . . .and I also lost them on another night . . .at Duggans.  I hung out there quite often.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am so excited to be writing today for!!  They contacted me and asked if I would be willing to write a blogpost for them all about glasses.  I can even offer you a discount - STOREWIDE OFFER - Take 15% off + get free shipping on your entire order

(orders over $50). Code: FS15
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

These days I only have to wear "readers" . . . about ten years ago, I had Lasik surgery.  I'll have to check out the website and see if they sell readers!!

GlassesUSA also offers a really cool and fun feature called Virtual Mirror.  It is always fun to be able to "see" how you are going to actually look in a pair of frames.  Mark recently had to purchase his first pair of glasses and I wish we had know about this!!  He was by himself when  he had the eye exam and they dilated his eyes.  While they were waiting on his eyes to fully dilate, they said, "go out and pick out your frames."  Well . . .duh . . .he couldn't see at all.  He said that he had the hardest time picking out a pair of decent glasses.  With this cool feature, he could have tried on every single pair and picked out the perfect pair before even ordering them!!

Tonight this middle-aged momma is sitting here with her cute (because I'm not wearing any ugly readers!!) reading glasses on . . perched on the end of my nose . . .thinking about all the glasses I've purchases over the years . . .glasses for me, glasses for Laura, glasses for Glenn (wonder where those are??? - where are Glenn's glasses???), glasses for Mark.  Does anyone in your family wear glasses?

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