Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Fun Wedding Reception

Back in February, Mark and I were invited to a wedding reception and blessing of the couple. Mark knew that he was going to be out of town working that weekend so I had already made arrangements to ride to and from the wedding with some friends. During the week before the party, the mom of the bride called and asked if I knew of a young adult who would be willing to take candid photographs during the reception. They had booked someone but at the last minute, the person had a major conflict. I told her that I would think about the young adults in our group and get back with her. That night, I was telling Glenn about it and he reminded me that my very own daughter-in-law loves to take photos. She and I both have nice cameras so she would have enough equipment. I called the mom and asked if Lauren could be the photographer for them. She immediately said "YES" and said that Glenn could come along . . .so I was able to go with the two of them! On the night of the event, I was driving. I had directions. The more we drove, the more Glenn said, "mom, are you sure?" But then we arrived and the location was lovely!!!! As a matter of fact, I LOVED the location. I had not planned to have anything to drink and everyone was drinking beer and wine . . .and then someone walked by with a . . .guess what . . .wait for it . . . .a margarita!!!!! Yes, they served margaritas - my all time favorite drink. I think I drank my margarita too fast and Glenn is still chuckling about me saying, "Glenn, I need you to go find me something to eat. Now, please." He said that I looked like our cat when he is at the backdoor wanting into the house. His little head is bobbing back and forth looking for his humans. Glenn said my little head was bobbing back and forth looking for him in the crowd like, "where are you???" I believe he was waylaid by a "talker." Needless to say, my cheeks were rosy for most of the evening. Other people can have several drinks. I can have one - yes, I said one -  margarita. I had about three sips of a second margarita and then switched to water for the next two hours. The evening proved successful for Glenn. He had lots of conversations with folks about jobs and our friend is a partner in a business . . .and Glenn is now working for that business!! We are so thankful for jobs!!

Here is the sweet couple.  Claire is a year older than Glenn and Laura.  She worked in the sound/video booth at church with Glenn back when they were in middle school and early high school.  That seems like a million years ago.  (I "borrowed" six pictures for my blog . . .they were on my laptop . . .)

I love this picture of Guy and Phella. They are so photogenic!!!

Claire was dancing with her daddy.  Someone told the story about how she would stand on her daddy's feet to dance with him when she was a little girl.  She attempted to do that at the reception but they are both really tall and she had on cowboy boots . . .and it didn't work too well . ..but it was really sweet!!!

I took the camera from Lauren and got a cute one of the two of them!!!

Our friends, Gary and Dona were at the reception . . .(this was after margarita . . see my red cheeks :-)

I love this picture of Glenn and me!!

It was a very fun night. The sweet couple were married at Niagara Falls with just their family present. Donna (mom of the bride) had arranged this wonderful party at Cantina! (how do you type the upside down exclamation point used in Spanish?? - I need to find out!!) for all of their local friends. Dean's (father of the bride) sister is a minister in another state . . .Wisconsin, perhaps?  She did a blessing of sorts.  She read some poetry and she read several native American blessings. 

It was indeed a very fun night and I was very happy to have Glenn and Lauren with me . . .but I sure did miss Mark :-)!!

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