Sunday, June 26, 2011


We left the reception and went back to the hotel and showered and changed clothes (no way could we stay that sweaty!!). Glenn and Lauren and the rest of the gang had to stay until the bride and groom left which was around 5:30 (and it is a 30 minute drive back to the area of Mobile where they live). All of them (not sure how many!!) grabbed a quick shower also. Mark and I wanted to take all of them to dinner and we wanted to go somewhere "Mobile" . . .so this is where we met them. The Shed . . .has been on food network!!

Such a cool restaurant. Lights hanging from the ceiling. All sorts of things like bicycles and ventriloquist dummies hanging from the ceiling - really!! Here is our group - on the right - Levi and Mark and Kaylor and Jerel and on the left is Lauren and Glenn and Jamie's girlfriend (I have to find out her name!) and Jamie. There was a band on the stage and they kept warming up and then they left!

Look at all those tags . . .they were on almost every surface!! Yes, those are rolls of paper towels on the table . . . brown paper towels . . .no napkins in this place!

Look at this table. It is a red door. I LOVE it! I want one. Of course, I don't have a place to put it.

Look at all the stuff hanging from the ceiling!!

I think the cow was one of my favorite things. I have no idea whose signatures are all over the cow but he is cool.

Can you believe that I have made it this far into a post about a restaurant and haven't talked about the food yet???? The restaurant was just so interesting. The food was good. I have a BBQ Pork Baked Potato. The problem is that we have a Saw's BBQ restaurant right down the street from the church and their BBQ Pork Baker is so phenomenal . . that this restaurant didn't have a chance!! I tasted Mark's beans (I always say that I'm a baked bean connoisseur because I love baked beans!). They were good. The BBQ Pork on my potato was tasty and tender. Lauren and Mark both got brisket. Lauren was excited to be in a restaurant where they served brisket. That is the kind of BBQ that she grew up eating. (I always laugh when I read about folks in other parts of the country . . .they say they are having a barbecue . . .and they cook hamburgers and hotdogs . . .Not barbecue).

The Shed was a fun place to gather and eat and we enjoyed the food and the fellowship AND even more importantly, we were able to eat and get to the theater on time!!

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