Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roosters, Chickens and Goats oh my!

Glenn and Lauren have been telling us about this amazing flea market in Mobile. They love going there on the weekends. They've been buying their fresh produce from some farmers who have booths at the flea market. We needed to spend the night in Mobile after the wedding/reception/dinner/play day so we stayed at the nice Hampton Inn. On Sunday morning, Mark and I got up and got dressed and went to the lobby for breakfast. Mark loves breakfast and rarely gets a cooked breakfast (he eats raisin bran almost every day of his life!). He really loves waffles . . .and yes, there was a waffle iron in the lobby of the Hampton Inn. Mark made a waffle and when he came to the table . . .he had not only a waffle, but an omelette on top of his waffle . . .with syrup. He said it was good but since I'm not a breakfast in the morning kind of person (I'm happy with a grilled cheese sandwich!) it did not look appealing to me. He said it was delicious. (by the way, I do like breakfast for dinner!! . . .and I did eat some sausage and part of an omelette and some fruit at the hotel - proud of myself!) Then Glenn and Lauren picked us up and drove us to the flea market. It was indeed a unique place. I would like to go back and explore some more! Here is one of the buildings (yes, I said one of the buildings - there are multiple buildings). There were some interesting folks walking around . . .glad I had the camera! There were booths with t-shirts and booths with purses and booths with glasses (both drinking and reading). There were booths with dog clothes and cat carriers. There was this one really large booth (I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it!!) of something that I really love - books!! There were really tall shelves filled with books and just enough space to wind around. It was really cool. We kept walking and came to some really interesting stuff . . . There were booths with live animals . . .look at the price tag - $15.00 each. I didn't ask but I've been wondering . . .do you think these are being sold to be eaten . . .for lunch . . . or do you think they are being sold as pets?????

Look at this one!! He is actually somewhat cute! He is probably thinking, "get me out of here!!"

This was the most unusual. There were goats for sale. Once again, I'm wondering if they were for sale for pet purposes or what???? They were kind of sad tied up in the back of this truck. I guess they weren't sad but it made me sad! It was really hot that day. Yes . . .if you are wondering . . .all those little black pellets are exactly what they look like they are.

What an interesting way to spend our last morning of vacation! We loved spending time with Glenn and Lauren and walking through the flea market. Lauren and I even let the guy selling some kind of natural "straight from Africa" butter for the skin spread some on our arm. They dropped us at the hotel and we started our drive home. The flea market was fun!

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