Friday, June 3, 2011

Goin' to the Sonnet House and gonna get married

I loaded these pictures days ago and forgot to blog about them. . . or maybe I just haven't had time!! If you read the last post . . .you know about Holly and James. Their wedding was a couple of weeks ago at the Sonnet House which was about a 30 minute drive . . .maybe 40 minutes from our house. We had never been to the Sonnet House before and it was such a nice surprise. Now if you are a photographer (like one might be reading my blog!! hahaha! . . .if you are, let me know!!), you will notice that the lighting is different in the first couple of pictures than in the next ones. That would be because I actually took this one as we were leaving :-) The wedding was at six o'clock . . .that means formal . . .but it was 97 degrees and the wedding was outside . . .so that means more casual. Mark didn't wear a suit and as soon as we got out of the car, he saw other men in suits and was slightly irritated. I told him to get over it. Not really . . .well maybe. Anyway there were men in all sorts of clothing - golf shirts, shirts with no ties, shirts with ties, sports coats and suits. It was hot . . .and I wore a dry clean only dress . . . mistake!! I digress . . .it was a lovely location for a beautiful wedding.
Here is a picture from the back of the house and you can see the sun glinting over us (is glinting a word?). The groom and groomsmen wore khaki suits and they looked very nice (you can see a couple of them in the aisle). All of the guests were standing up next to the house in the shade and the wedding director finally came and told us that we all had to sit down.
This was the view from my seat. Sorry for the heads. I just wasn't quite tall enough. Look at that blue sky. It was truly a gorgeous day for a wedding . . .just a tad bit warm.
This was the view to my left. I love this old barn. I thought about walking down there and peaking in but I'm going to be honest . . .as soon as the wedding was over, all of the guests headed for the air conditioning!! Look at that pretty white wreath on the barn. Such lovely details. I really do want to know what was in the barn. I'm curious like that. Sometimes gets me into trouble.
Mark and I both thought this tree was pretty spectacular. Of course, he did not use that word. He said something like "cool tree" but I knew what he meant. I never speak for Mark. Oh well, he doesn't read my blog. This picture does not show the sheer magnitude of this tree. It was huge and old and beautiful. I want to hang paper lanterns from the branches and have a picnic under this tree (without mosquitoes please).
Here is our glimpse of Holly as she is coming down the aisle. It was kind of neat to be outside and to be able to snap some pictures during the wedding. Holly was a lovely bride. I assume that is her daddy with her. I didn't meet him. I did meet her mother and she was very nice.
The wedding ceremony was very short. Thank you Holly and James. Did y'all do that on purpose since the wedding was outside? The bridesmaid's dresses were cute. Two of the bridesmaids were twins and one of twins was pregnant and her dress was a little different from everyone else's but they all looked nice. Once again - sorry for the heads in front of me. I was snapping photos during the wedding (which made me feel like I was breaking all sorts of rules) but I could not stand up. That would have been really rude!!
After the kiss, the minister introduced Holly and James Hunt . . .or maybe Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt? Holly was certainly glowing.
This photo is of their first dance as a married couple. How funny that I caught the man in the background wiping the sweat . . .I told you it was hot!
We are so happy for Holly and James. We are already missing her. She has moved to another state so we won't even get to see her at church. Thank goodness for email and facebook. We can still keep in touch!!!

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