Friday, June 24, 2011

I've never sweated this much in nice clothes . . .

Yes, I said those words to a total stranger. I looked at her and said, "I've never sweated (surely I said perspired . . but I don't think so) this much in nice clothes before." This total stranger who probably thought I was nuts said in a thick southern drawl, "Are you not from the south?" I think I just turned and walked away! It was a hot but lovely reception. Once again, I'm going out of order. I'm posting about the reception before the wedding.

After our week at the beach (which I will post about at some point), Mark and I drove over to Mobile for Scott and Brittany's wedding. Scott (or as Mark calls him - Scottie) is one of Glenn's friends from Auburn and he was a groomsman in Glenn's wedding. Scott's undergrad degree is some sort of fancy forestry something or other and he is working on his Master's (maybe finished?) while his bride is in school to be a Veterinarian. They are living in Illinois (is that right?) so I guess they had forgotten HOW HOT it is in June in Alabama. The wedding and reception were both outside. The location was lovely - Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, AL. I had never been there (isn't it crazy that we don't go see the tourist attractions in our own state?) but had heard about it all my life. I actually remember my mother asking my daddy if we could go (we didn't). I would love to go back when it is cooler. A Mobilian (is that what you call them?) told me that they have a gorgeous walk through display at Christmas. That sounds like a good time to go.

It was truly lovely. The centerpieces on the tables at the reception were all very natural - pine cones, rocks and grasses. They just filled tall glass vases with the items.
The beer was iced down in the cutest pirot boat. I love it . . .and I want one. Wonder how much one would cost . . .and where would I store it? Do you see the owl over on the right? They also had lots of owls and birds sitting all around. Everything was very outdoorsy. I personally didn't drink any alcohol at this wedding because it was just too hot. My fellow travelling companion thought the ice cold beer was very cooling but I knew that if I drank a cup of wine that I would be even hotter. But guess what they had? (and I don't have a picture of it because I was too busy standing in line . . .not once but twice) They had a sno cone machine - a real one where they were sending the ice through a big tube. I had two sno cones and was a little embarrassed when I got in line for the second time. I did have pina colada flavored sno cones :-)

The part of the reception might need some explaining. Both bride and groom volunteered at the raptor rehabilitation center in Auburn. They had these gorgeous hawks that they released at the reception. I desperately need a better lens for my camera but if you look closely you can see that both bride and groom have on those giant black gloves that bird handlers use. Kind of a unique look with a bridal gown but what a cool thing to do.

This picture is totally blurry - I was just taking constant pictures trying to get a good one. You can see the two birds in flight and if you look closely you can see Scott's big gloves.

Well you can certainly tell how hot it was by looking at this picture of me. If you look closely, I'm sure that you can see sweat (no, I wasn't "dewing" . . .I was sweating like a P.I.G. - that is what my friend Susan used to say!) on my face. During the wedding, sweat dripped off of my face onto the wedding program and smeared the ink! It felt like raindrops on the back of my neck!

We are out from under the tent and standing in the shade where there was a little breeze. I am amazed at how spoiled we have all become. We are just so used to air conditioning. It was 95 or 97 degrees when we pulled into the parking lot for the wedding. The wedding was at the far back of the property so we walked for at least 10 minutes to get back there. It was much cooler in the shade when the breeze was blowing!! I don't mind being hot on the beach or if I'm dressed in yucky clothes. Once again . . .dry clean only dress. Silly me.

Doesn't Mark look like a happy man? He is surrounded by Kaylor, Levi, Lauren and Glenn.

Glenn and Lauren wanted a picture with Scott and Brittany. I was amazed at how cool the bride and groom seemed to look. They were all smiles and of course, they should be smiling - such a special day!

Here is a good picture of my two guys. I love these guys!!

Remember I told you that Scott is some kind of forestry? Look at the groom's cake. It is a tree stump. Look at the stand under the wedding cake. It is a piece of a tree! I love how they wrote on the tree as if Scott had carved their names into a tree. Even the wedding cake had a few "tree leaves" around the base.

A cute picture of our own newlyweds. In July, they will celebrate their 6th month anniversary! I can't believe it.

I am not sure what Kaylor is saying to Scott . . .but it looks as if it is serious! Looks like Kaylor is giving advice to Scott, doesn't it?

The bride and groom did all of the traditional dances - their first dance, etc. But no one else was dancing. Finally right before Mark and I left, they got out on the dance floor. They started the cupid shuffle as we were leaving. We love watching them do that dance! I think I need to learn it. They ALL know it! Jerel, Kaylor and Levi are on the dance floor ready to go!!

Remember I earlier told you about the long walk from the parking lot? Well, I looked up and saw this guy and believe you me, I hopped on that golf cart and RODE back up to the parking lot. Mark hopped in the front with the driver and talked to him a lot! Are you surprised? Evidently, they were running these shuttles earlier but we had missed it! Oh - I forgot to tell you that as we were walking down the long path to the wedding, I looked down at my feet. I had forgotten to change my shoes. I had on brown flip flops with my pink dress. I ended up being glad . . .after we trudged down a gravel path for ten minutes. In reality, the day wasn't about me or my shoes and if anyone noticed . . .they probably didn't know me!!

It was truly a lovely reception . . .even though it was hot. Mark said it was "one for the record books" . . .I think he was talking about the heat :-) The food looked lovely (I didn't eat any - just way too hot to eat). Actually, I take that back. Mark had a fried corn nugget (or whatever you call them) and I ate it off his plate!! I did enjoy those two sno cones (though Mark ate part of the first one!)

It was so good to spend some time with Glenn and Lauren and their friends (whom we love like our own!) Sometimes it is good being a middle-aged mom!

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