Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was working on my Sunday school lesson today so I was thinking about resolutions . . .do you make resolutions? do you keep them? Several years ago, a John Wesley class member said that he never ever made resolutions so now I try to think of them as something other than resolutions. Improvements? Windows for God to work in my life, perhaps? If I were to make a list of "whatever we want to call them", it would be something like this: 1. Jesus, others, self . . . (the original was Jesus, others, yourself - J.O.Y.)
2. Speaking of Jesus . . .I need/want to spend more time with him this year - in Bible study and through the young adult study and in my prayer time. I've been spending more time on my knees this year - going to Mouat Chapel to pray . . .need to do that more often. I want to allow Him to lead me rather than continually dragging him along behind me. I want to seek His advice and guidance before I start off on MY own adventures. I want to experience the joy of the Lord every single day.
3. Regarding others . . .I need/want to serve others more. Mark serves at the Firehouse Shelter every other month. I don't have a regular service project now that we aren't sewing as much for Baby Love. But I'm not sure when I would carve that time out of my day. I serve within the church - teach Sunday School, cook for the young adults and facilitate . . .but what about outside the walls of the church?
4. Self . . .A wise woman said to me, "You have to take care of yourself because no one else can do that for you." Laura and I have started Weight Watchers once again - we decided to beat the New Year's rush. I wasn't going to tell many people but accountability is good. I've been trying to ride my stationary bike more often. I need to rest more often - read a book, take a nap. I NEED to laugh a lot every single day. I want to have a positive attitude about life in general. I want to blog on a more regular basis and I want to start scrapbooking again. Where do the hours in the day go?
5. Friends - that would fit under others and self . . .because I can't exist without my friends. Oh - I guess that I could . . .but it would be a sad existence. I could make a list of friends and tell you what each one means to me . . .but if I did that, I would surely forget to mention someone and hurt their feelings and I don't want to start the new year off doing that!! I will say that I have been blessed with some of the most incredible friends on the planet . . .and I hope to show them how much they mean to me during this next year. I want to say, "I love you" more often.
6. I know that I should say something like, "this year, I'm going to save lots of money" but I know me and that is not going to happen. I love spending it way too much. This year, I am going to have our pledge to the church cut out of my paycheck (you can do that when you work in a church!) so that I'm not playing "catch-up" from October through December. That is one wise financial decision for the new year.
7. I know that I should say things like, "I'm going to keep a more organized/cleaner home and office" but I've decided life is too short for that. I just need it organized enough so that I can find stuff and not be frantic.
8. I want to be the best wife/mother/mother-in-law/daughter-in-law/sister that I can be. That one is hard . . .the "selfish" Lisa wants her way all the time :-) but the "made in the image of Christ" Lisa knows that is not the right way.
9. I really want to be the best membership secretary there has ever been - the Shelby (our database) QUEEN (ok - I just added this one for the laugh . . .but actually, I really do want to be the best I can be using the gifts and strengths that God has given me.)
10. I'm going to stop making lists - hahahaha! that is not going to happen!! I just wanted a number 10 on my list. I could lie and say that I will give up Diet Pepsi this year but that is not going to happen either.

I'm sure that I have many more thoughts about this . . .but my brain shuts down around 9:00 p.m. and it is now 9:35 p.m. . .so I think I'll stop for now.

Are you going to change anything for the new year? Are you going to allow God to be at work in your life this year? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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