Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is my sweater tacky? Or It's not a sin to gamble if I win AND if I tithe!!

I just sat down today to look at various blogs and oh my goodness, I didn't realize how far behind I am!! The last two weeks have been crazy fun - a whirlwind of activity. We hosted the Trinity Young Professionals Christmas party at our house. This is the group that comes every week for Bible Study - they are all in their 20's (ish), not married and out of college. We LOVE them so much. They wanted to have a tacky Christmas party and so we did! Everyone brought goodies to share and we had a great time. Here is a pic of Holly and Will at the kitchen table. Holly's sweatshirt had actual silk flowers "flattened" and attached . . .pretty tacky.
Here is Meg. I swear . . .I think I remember someone really wearing that sweater at some point in my life (not me, I promise!)

Shay has on some great antlers!

Meredith raided her mother's old sweaters - she even wore GOLD shoes! Kelly has some cute antlers, too!

Mark and Morgan Leigh posing for the camera. They both love to laugh!!

Getting ready to play dirty santa. . .

Shay "stole" my apron . . .made a cute outfit!

Kelly picked this package because of the "alabama roll tide" check! I love Meg's expression in this picture.

Holly opened her gift . . .and it was a Harlequin romance. We continued with the party and every once in a while, we would realize that Holly was reading the book!!

Here is Laura with her second "gift" . . . her "hide your kids, hide your wife" t-shirt. She didn't get to keep it!!!
Shay got an old book!

Lamar got the t-shirt next and we dared him to wear it to work . . .wonder if he did?

I think that Will's gift was one of the funniest of all. He got a pink "slanket" (knock off of a snuggie) and he is so tall that it only came to his knees. He paraded around as if he was an old woman with a "fake" cigarette. He then grabbed the Harlequin romance and the bingo wheel. . .just like an old woman.

This group is so good for us. We laugh so hard when we are with them. They keep us young! Thanks be to God for such a good group of young adults.

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