Friday, December 31, 2010

around the house and under the tree

Just wanted to share a few pics from the "around the house and under the tree" shower for Lauren and Glenn. Our good friends, Butch and Roy and Mary Elizabeth and Chris were the hosts and hostesses for the party. Butch is 15 years younger than my mother-in-law and 15 years older than I and I am 15 years older than Mary Elizabeth. We think that is such a neat connection because we are all friends!! Butch and my mother-in-law have traveled the world together and Mary Elizabeth was our baby-sitter for years and years and years. We consider them family! Roy has a "man-cave" in their basement and Roy is a die-hard Alabama football fan . . .but for this party, he lovingly (probably not willingly) cleaned his man-cave and decorated in orange and blue. You can't tell but these lights in the antlers are orange!!
This is the man-cave and what is really funny is that all of the women loved the room! You have to understand that on the night of the shower . . .the Heisman trophy was being awarded and "our" man, Cam was in the running and won. The recent Auburn graduates gathered in the man-cave to watch the awards. It was so funny because they have HD TV upstairs and they cheered and 2 seconds before the announcement came on downstairs. I had no idea that could happen - faster signal!!

I tried to get a picture for our Christmas cards . . .and this would have been it but for the first time in 24 years, I didn't mail a single card. Makes me really sad actually.
There were stockings hung on the fireplace . . .and not just any stockings but Auburn stockings monogrammed with Lauren and Glenn's names.

Here is a great picture of Lauren and Glenn with Butch (on the left) and Mary Elizabeth on the right. Laura and Glenn always called her "Miss" Mary and we sometimes find ourselves calling her that now!! We love these two ladies.

Great picture of Glenn with Bill Arnold (known fondly as Papa Bear) and Kevin and Kaylor. Looking over the pictures from different parties, I realize once again how blessed we are by good friends.

Here is a picture of our sweet Laura. That is Jen with her. She and Jen were in the same sorority and were roommates two of the years they were in Auburn. Jen is engaged to marry Jonathan Blocker, one of Glenn's good friends.

Here is a shot of the group watching Glenn and Lauren open their gifts. It was a cute idea - each invitation had a different room and you were to buy a gift for that room. They received some wonderful gifts. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of folks.

We were thrilled that Guy and Phella could be a part of the evening. They are two of the best friends you could ever have. You can see Butch in the comfy chair and she is laughing - she and Mary Elizabeth both make us laugh!!

Bill is Papa Bear and Gayle is Mama Bear. I have no idea when and why Glenn started calling them by those names but the names stuck. Gayle looks amazed at something they were opening.

Thought I would throw in at least one picture of Glenn and Lauren opening their gifts. What a fun night spent with fun friends.

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