Monday, July 19, 2010

You were born . . . long ago, long ago, long ago

On Sunday after church, we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. I'm not being disrespectful with the above title . . .I'll explain in a minute. I was able to use the plants from last Sunday's shower to create a new centerpiece. The addition of balloons made it a little more festive! Here I am cooking. We had a yummy lunch. I was cooking squash and corn on the cob and twice baked potato casserole. (Mark took this picture of me and I just realized once again that I have to stick with Weight Watchers!!!!)
Mark was in charge of the grill - cooking pork tenderloins.

Here is a picture of Susie (no, I don't call her that - I call her "grandmother" just like our kids do!) Isn't this a cute picture of her laughing?

Laura was our designated candle-lighter.

We purchased the caramel cake from Edgar's Bakery. She is such an excellent baker that we can't compete . . .so we have learned to order her favorite.

Here she is "making a wish" as she blows out the candles.

Yeah - her wish will come true!!

She received cards and gifts and surprises. Uncle John, her only living sibling, sent her the funniest card. It was one of those "singing" cards and when you opened it, the man sang, "You were born long ago, long ago, long ago." Every single one of us opened the card and listened to the song and laughed out loud.

I believe it was a successful birthday lunch! It was nice to cook for her - she cooks for us every single Sunday. We eat lunch at her house every week after church! I love how we sit around and tell the same old stories over and over and they get funnier and funnier over the years. Oh, and by the way, we don't "really" know how old she is - but we KNOW she looks and feels great for her age :-)


  1. I gave Dave that same card last year!

  2. Robin - what makes the story even funnier is that Mark, Laura and I have been walking around the house singing, "Long ago, long ago, loooooong ago" all week!!