Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Grandmother's House we go . . .

We actually do go to Grandmother's house . . .almost every Sunday after church. (this week, we actually went to the Dragon - but that is not a normal Sunday!) This was last Sunday at lunch. Over the years, we've played cards with our children while either waiting on lunch or after. Here is a picture of George playing cards with Grace. All of our kids know how to play poker!!

They are discussing who won the hand - I believe George had 2 Aces and 2 queens . . .can't remember what Grace had.

This is where all the cooking takes place. My mother-in-law is a great cook. She cooks an amazing roast beef! I can't remember everything she served last week, but I do remember that we had squash casserole. She usually has a meat, a starch, two veggies and a salad. There are always rolls and there is always, always, always dessert!! Lunch on Sunday is a tradition in our family. (and it is actually a "coveted" item . . .one friend of ours wants another invitation - we've tried to get her to put "Sunday Dinner at Mrs. Susie's" in the youth auction at church, but we haven't been able to convince her. Yesterday, Laura and I were talking about how we need to cherish each day with Grandmother (I've never called her mother or Susie or Mrs. Elliott . . . usually I call her Mark's mother! Since the children were born, I call her grandmother just like they do!)
Grandmother is on the left. Mark is carving some more roast beef and Bill (Mark's younger brother) is serving his plate. While the kids were growing up, we had a table full on Sundays - there are four of us and Grandmother and Bill and Rebecca and George, Alice and Grace. When both Glenn and Laura were living in Auburn, we had many quiet Sundays - if George and Alice and Grace go to Clopton (Alice's hometown), then it would be just Grandmother, Mark and I (because Bill and Rebecca don't usually arrive in time to eat with us). We've loved having Laura live back at home so that we have her with us on Sundays. Sunday lunch at Grandmother's house is definitely a tradition!

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