Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two yummy meals in one weekend!!

On Friday night, we met 4 other couples at the Pita Stop for dinner. I only have a picture of one couple . . but it is a good picture! Two of our very best friends in the world, Phella and Guy. We visited for several hours over wine and dinner. Mark had a seafood omelet and it was huge. Dona had a vegetarian omelet. Kim had a rack of lamb!! Several of us ordered chicken kabobs. This is the way they serve all of their kabobs and a few other things also. They have stacks and stacks of these Pyrex casserole dishes in their kitchen (you can see them on your way to the bathroom).
There is a Greek salad on the left complete with a cube of feta cheese. On the right end, there is wonderful rice. The little silver container on the backside holds hummus - the best in Birmingham in my opinion. They always have an orange slice, a couple of fresh pineapple triangles and a wedge of cantaloupe topped with a cherry. You can eat there in the middle of winter and the cantaloupe is delicious. Of course, there is some yummy pita bread. Across the top is the big skewer of chicken.
Tonight I cooked some of the veggies from the Farmer's Market. I never fry - ever . . .except once a year when we have some fresh okra. Mark and Laura will eat it boiled or pickled but I only like it fried. Marion Wilson is an older lady at church and she taught me how to fry it and it is soooo good. I stir fried some of the squash in olive oil with a little red bell pepper and mushrooms. I can't believe it but I didn't have a single onion in the house so I missed that in the squash. You can see my beautiful peas!! My goal this year has been to learn to eat cooked greens . . .so yes, there on the plate is a small serving of turnip greens. Definitely not the same kind of meal as last night, but equally delicious!

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