Monday, June 12, 2023

Weekend in Review

This is a review with very few photos . . .I guess I was busy just living life!

I know when the weekend begins officially, but sometimes other nights feel like a weekend. Last Wednesday night I met Mollie at Soho Taco for happy hour. I had a delicious margarita, a few chips and guac, and a soul filling time of conversation.

Thursday was a normal day at work and I think Mark was at the farm and I probably studied that night!

Friday morning, the apartment manager and helper showed up to service the HVAC. Servicing the HVAC literally meant changing the very nasty filter. Bless the guy's heart . . .he tried two different filters and neither was the correct size and he then had to leave and go pick up the correct size.

Friday lunch was at Ashley Mac's with my three monthly lunch buddies. We enjoyed chatting and eating together and caught up on all of our families. 

I ran by the office and did a few things and right before I left, I scanned my homework using our copier and emailed it to myself. When I got home, I realized that it had scanned and saved it as a TIF file which is unacceptable to submit through Blackboard. I had a hissy fit just like a teenager. I know we've been under a tremendous amount of stress for the last 12 months and sometimes it just erupts. I dislike that about myself. I called our young friend, Hannah, who reminded me that I could use the notes app on my phone and scan the document. I did . . .and I submitted my homework . . .but first, I had to call the professor and leave a voicemail asking her to delete my first attempt (the TIF) so that I could send a PDF. I then took my 10 question quiz for Chapter 2 and I'm pretty sure I failed it. I was so agitated from the previous SNAFU that all knowledge promptly flew out of my brain.

Friday dinner was with our supper club. I made Asian Slaw. The hostess/host grilled pork tenderloin that was delicious and she made a new potato salad with herbs and vinegar and oil. It, too, was yummy. One friend brought the appetizer which was a hot Kale dip sort of like a hot spinach dip and she brought pita chips and carrots sliced like chips for dipping. Our other friend brought dessert which was a trifle. A giant black standard Poodle lives at their house and he was outside in the pool house with one of their granddaughters while we ate. He came in to visit and guess what he did? He stood on his hind legs and started eating the Kale dip! He sure did. It was quite funny. Luckily, we had eaten most of it and the rest went into the trash can. I think he tried to get the pork tenderloin, too.

Saturday mornings are my weekly WW (Weight Watchers) weigh in and I had lost weight - always a good thing. I then headed to a local church parking lot where Mr. Bennie sells his fresh veggies on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday morning. I had my first BLT of the year for a late breakfast when I got home. Mark and I drove to Bessemer to Simmons Sporting Goods where he purchased some kind of fishing worms and I bought socks and Bloody Knuckles for our brother-in-law, Bob's, birthday gift. (Those commas do not look right before and after Bob's but I'm leaving them.)

Veggies from Mr. Bennie

We grilled two GINORMOUS tomahawk steaks for dinner. I ate about two ounces of mine. They were massive and a gift from friend's who had a cow butchered. I prepared fresh squash to go with the steaks and we had some leftover Asian slaw from the night before. We watched a couple of episodes of Will Trent and went to bed.

I worked on Sunday morning and Mark went to church and then we met at his mother's for Sunday lunch. We celebrated my birthday (which is Wednesday) and my brother-in-law, Bob's, birthday (there are those pesky commas again) which was today. My sister-in-law made a giant bowl of fresh fruit as my "cake" and Bob had requested homemade coconut cake. Mark made homemade ice cream for everyone (the cooked custard kind).

Sunday afternoon was pretty lazy - I studied and made flash cards. Mark went over to check on the house. I made cheese straws to go in the freezer for our granddaughter #2's birthday party (tea party) in July. I rode the stationary bike and made even more flash cards and watched the three videos for my class assignment. Around 8:00, we realized that it might rain during the night so we drove (a whole block) to our house to make sure the windows were closed. The actual reason we drove was because I needed to get gas for my car! After that, we watched one episode of Frazier and went to bed.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend?

Dark Walnut stain on the new hardwoods!!

Limestone hearth for the new

A lot of cheese straws for the
Tea Party


  1. I made cheese straws once but we must be too far south for them to be popular. I never see them at parties or even for sale. They are quite good, however!! The floors look great! You had a busy weekend. Have a good week ahead!!

    1. The next time I make a batch, I'll send you a message for your address and I'll send you a care package :-)

  2. I often let mishaps get to me like that too and have a hard time recovering. Trying to be better about it! Sounds like a nice weekend.

    1. The professor was kind to reset so I could re-submit but I was so flustered!

  3. That steak looks amazing! I've not had good cheese straws in ages; does your daughter know of a local bakery I should visit?