Saturday, June 10, 2023

10 on the 10th

10 on the 10th…

I'm joining up today with Marsha in the Middle for 10 on the 10th!

What is the most amazing thing you remember about your wedding? We just celebrated our 39th anniversary a couple of weeks ago! We had a lovely wedding - not too big - just right. My sister-in-law filled a picnic basket with goodies from the reception along with a bottle of bubbly and some glasses. I thought that was so sweet!

Tell us about your wedding dress. It was lovely. It was actually my second wedding but Mark's first. I wore white anyway. 

Did you include all three things (they start with b) at your wedding?  Care to share more? I know I had a blue garter. I'm pretty sure I carried a handkerchief as the borrowed item. What in the world is the third "b" - bouquet? 

Where was your wedding held…church, park, neighborhood bar? We were married in our church. Mark has been in this church his whole life and I've been here over 40 years at this point. The picture below is a photo of a photo of a photo so it isn't very clear. 

What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding? I can't think of anything really bad. I was thinking about this wedding though . . .we were at a VERY HOT wedding reception about 10 years ago. First of all, the wedding was outside (HOT) PLUS the reception was outside in late July or August IN ALABAMA. It is hot and humid here. When we went to the reception, they had shrimp on the buffet. There was some ice around it but not enough. Mark grabbed my arm and said, "Do not eat the shrimp." He knows that is my favorite. I actually ate two snocones at that wedding and that was it! They were smart and had an actual snocone machine!!

Do you think less of a bride who doesn’t wear white? In today's world, I think a bride can wear whatever she wants. In Alabama, we still see lots of white dresses on brides.

If you got married tomorrow or sometime soon, what would be in your bouquet? My bouquet in the picture above had Rubrum lilies in it. They were gorgeous. I'm not sure I could carry a bouquet of lilies today with my allergies as crazy as they are. I love peonies and tulips and gerber daisies and tiny roses and I love sunflowers so I could probably be happy with a bouquet of any of those.

Have you ever attended a celebrity’s wedding?  (Yes, I’m looking for name droppers!) I've never attended the wedding of a celebrity.

What wedding tradition means the most to you? I loved having our wedding in our church. We were married here. Our children were baptized here . . .and married here. We've buried quite a few family members from here. We have our niche in the colubarium here so we will be buried here. (yes - that is way more info than you asked for!)

Describe your perfect wedding. Remember I'm a long way from the young girl who married here back in 1984. I think the important thing about a wedding is to be surrounded by those you love - friends and family. I remember when our son was getting married and then when our daughter was getting married, Mark reminded them that no matter what happened that day - whatever mishap, etc. - at the end of the day, they would still be married. Our pastors always tell couples that the wedding is just the beginning . . .it is the life lived afterwards that is so important.


  1. What a stunning bride you made. (Thumb's up for wearing white, just because!) Your pastor's counsel is very wise. Happy Saturday!

  2. I love the joy and contentment that comes through with deep connections to place you live and where you were married. You were a beautiful bride!

  3. We had the very opposite up here... we went to a wedding in the evening in late October in Massachusetts and were not told it was outside. It was FREEZING! Your answer 10 reminds me a lot of my husband when I was planning our wedding and getting so stressed out about all the millions of little details. He kept reminding me that all that mattered was that by the end of the day we'd be married and that was the goal.

  4. You were a beautiful bride, and I enjoyed reading about your special day! I agree with the advice your pastors give and that your husband gave your daughter - very wise and does help to give perspective to all the possible things that might not go exactly as planned.