Monday, June 19, 2023

Some of Last Week . . . PLUS Weekend in Review

Mark stayed at his mom's last Monday night and I needed to study and I didn't want to sit in our apartment. There are a couple of restaurants below us so I headed down to Moss Rock Tacos and Tequila. I sent a picture to my kids and told them I was acting like a true college student. I was studying in a public place while drinking a margarita. It just happened to be Karaoke Night and goodness gracious . . .one guy sang quite well. Another lady sang not so well. I finished up and came on upstairs to study some more.

Wednesday was my birthday and I felt celebrated all day long. My friends at work gave me balloons and gifts. We picked up our neighbors, Lu and Dave, and went to Big Whiskey for a celebratory dinner. It was ok. I had a good burger. Mark had Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos and he liked them. I normally pick Hot and Hot or Blueprint on Third for a birthday dinner but this was fun and casual.

While I was at work on Thursday, Mark went to the Firehouse Shelter and helped cook and serve lunch. In retirement, he is doing lots of volunteer work. 

Mark is on the left inthe blue shirt; Billy on the right
and I think Pat is in the back

As soon as work was over, we headed south for a visit with our daughter. We spent Thursday night and Friday night with them and came home before lunch on Saturday. The traffic on I-65 through Alabama is HORRIBLE in the summer time. We left early and still hit one area of standstill traffic but made it home in time to do laundry, etc. Mark grilled fish (some Halibut from his Alaska trip in the freezer) for dinner and it was yummy. Let me back up and tell you about our time with daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. 

Friday morning, we were able to tag along and go to swim lessons. She will be four in July and she is doing a wonderful job learning how to swim. Mark swam well (swim team, etc.). Our kids are both strong swimmers and learned very early. Both granddaughters love the water and seem to take to the water easily and learn quickly.

Sweet girl jumped off the diving board and did a rudimentary crawl to her teacher at the ladder. Her other grandparents are moving into a house with a pool so this is the perfect time for her to learn these things.

On the way home from swim lessons, we saw a guy riding a motorcycle and his helmet was a . . . . 


Friday night, we went to the Mexican Restaurant by their house for a birthday dinner and went back to their house for birthday cake and gifts. 

Our house/cat sitter sent pictures while we were gone!

For Father's Day, I gave Mark a new cover for his Pit Barrel Cooker and this cool drink kit that I found on Etsy. Here is their website. Here are some different drinks on Etsy. We actually took it apart and weighed all of the ingredients in case we want to make some repeats. We ate lunch with his family on Sunday after church and celebrated the fathers in our family.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Your gr-girl is cuter every day! Aren't y'all fortunate she has no fear of the pool? That drink kit sounds really clever ... have fun!