Wednesday, December 14, 2022

It's a Holly Jolly Hodgepodge

1. What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas means Emmanuel – God with us! Christmas also means beautiful music and scripture. Christmas means smiles and laughter, good food, even better fellowship, and a beverage or two. Christmas means the gasp I always “feel” when all of the lights are lowered on Christmas Eve and the light of 900 candles reminds us that light always wins – always!

2. What's your favorite cozy holiday activity? The cat and I have been watching holiday movies when Mark spends the night with his mother each week. I think that might be considered cozy.

3. Is all your shopping-wrapping-baking done? Tell us about your holiday plans. Hahahahaha! Heck no – I started shopping on Sunday night (online) and I still have several people to buy for . . .as in I’ve purchased nothing for those people yet. I haven’t wrapped a single present. Let me back up – I guess I did the most important shopping several weeks ago for our angel – a coat and boots and panties and some fun toys.

Our Christmas plans may look a little different this year since we aren’t in our house (next year!!) plus Christmas falls on a Sunday and I work in a church so I will be working LOTS over the next two weeks. We play to attend our Contemporary Christmas worship service this Sunday at 4:00. Mark and I will attend Christmas Eve Eve service on the 23rd and then I will work the welcome center on Christmas Eve at 3 and 5 and again on Christmas morning at 10:00. We will celebrate with Mark’s family around lunchtime. We may celebrate with his extended family (cousins) on Sunday evening. Mark and I and our kids are going to celebrate on the 26th and we are going to celebrate at our son’s house this year – more space for two little girls and dogs.

4. If you were Santa what treat would you like to have left for you (it doesn't have to be milk and cookies!) What sweet or savory treat do you most look forward to indulging in around the holidays? Instead of milk and cookies, I would enjoy some diet pepsi and maybe some chips and dip?? I don’t eat sweats but I do love a glass of egg nog. I did buy some at the grocery store and had a mug full. Yes, I know it has sugar and I actually looked for sugar free but couldn’t find it. I love dips of all kinds with some good crackers and cheese. A family at church makes a delicious cheesball EVERY SINGLE YEAR for our staff and we all look forward to eating that cheese ball and we sort of . . .fight over it.

5. Next Wednesday is the first official day of winter (in the northern hemisphere). How does that make you feel? Tell us what you love most about winter? Next Wednesday, we will have our service of Loss and Light. For some people, the laughter and parties is just too much when they’ve experienced a loss. This service gives folks a place to come and sit with that and to realize they aren’t alone. Hopefully, they can leave with hearts filled with joy. I am counting down the days until then because after the 21st each day gets a tiny bit longer. I don’t do well with these long dark dreary days. I guess the thing I love the most would be the holidays. I’m taking a few days off after  Christmas and I’m looking forward to it!!

6. Insert your own random thought here. We’ve been doing some fun stuff lately and I haven’t blogged about it. Instead of a weekend in review, I need to do a “couple of weeks in review” post!

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments or you can copy and paste the questions into your own blog and join up with Joyce, our question writer, over at From This Side of the Pond!!



  1. I love the Loss and Light. I have experienced death...hub died of colon cancer and the next year my daughter passed away due to a heart condition. A place to go and sit with others and realize that I am not alone is great.
    I don't do well with the long nights...I am ready for summer!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Yes on the egg nog! I just sort of accept that I'll gain a couple pounds from all that and the fruitcake I consume every December. Looking forward to your recap posts.

  3. I love that you and Mark are so flexible -- realizing the most important part of the holidays is just being together with loved ones, no matter the venue.

  4. My daughter just commented to me on the phone about how much we have going on at the holidays. All fun stuff, but there is a lot of it. I baked cookies this afternoon, made chicken soup for dinner, and am now relaxing with a glass of wine and the Hodgepodge links. Balance lol. I love Christmas Eve service but our family service is at 5 PM which is not ideal with two babies. I wish it were earlier. I think we will do a small 'worship service' at the house and let my oldest grandson retell the Christmas story, then read from Luke and sing Silent Night. Not sure if I can handle toddlers with lit candles in my house but maybe we will try. If it's not freezing we could do the candles on the patio. Merry Christmas to you and your family! So glad you're part of the weekly link up!

  5. Life gets so busy during the holidays and yours even more so since you work at a church. Take time to enjoy and find the peace of the season!! xo

  6. That loss and light service sounds so interesting and meaningful. Our church will have a Christmas day service and we aren't having our traditional Christmas Eve Service because Christmas lands on a Sunday this year. With all your responsibilities it is good that you are flexible and celebrate when it works for all. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Amen to #1. Yes, I think that sounds cozy and enjoy the movies. Sounds like you have some nice things planned. LOL....chips and dip sounds delicious!