Friday, July 2, 2021

Beach Trip Recap #2

 On our trip, there was lots of beach sitting, beer drinking, hand holding, lap sitting, pool swimming, sandcastle making, eating, exercising, fishing (not catching), barbie playing, talking, and laughing! I'm just going to do a giant photo dump of memories - so feel free to scroll quickly by or linger and enjoy! Of the activities I listed, what would be your favorite vacation activity?

little cousins holding hands - melts
my heart

these girls adore their pops!

shrimp and grits at Luna

blackened mahi mahi served over
greens and grits topped
with crawfish etouffee at Luna

fried fish by Mark & Glenn

everyone crammed into our condo for dinner

Bob and our oldest granddaughter

Little E digging in the sand

another night - another meal together

more time in the sand

this is what I love - when we set up
"camp" and all hang out together

Scott teaching her how to fish

pool time!

yum yum!

yes-I went to the fitness center (room) 
everyday and rode the stationary
bike plus got in 10,000 steps every

Let me introduce you to Fred

He is majestic and has ruled
the pier for many years

frisbee game in progress


grandmother! (my mother-in-law)

pimento hushpuppies at Luna with 
blueberry pepper jelly

more lap sitting with pops -
if one got in his lap, they both
had to be in his lap

I love this picture - father and
son fishing - they've been doing
it for years and years

I'm never in the picture because
I'm usually taking the pictures - 
here are two pictures of us!

wild hair on the pier - don't care!

pops also happens to be the
best barbie player around -
according to the granddaughters

see - if one is in his lap - they
both were!

early one morning - sun
coming through the clouds

sunset one evening

Gmom and two of her

I'm so very thankful that we made the effort to take this trip together. We couldn't all be there but there were enough of us for a fun time. Lots and lots of memories were made during the week!


  1. Gorgeous! Y'all look like a magazine advertisement for Alabama's Tourism Department! Me, I'd love to be right there on the sand with your little grandgirl and a pail of my own. Happy July 4 eve!

    1. I'm still chuckling over the fact that you so kindly said we look like a magazine advertisement! We love Alabama's beaches so much that we probably would be good marketing agents . . .unless we want to keep it quiet so no one else will know how wonderful they are!!

  2. All great pictures!! Looked like so much fun!! And yummy looking food!


  3. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful beach vacation you all had!! I just love seeing families gathering and having fun like this!! All generations together and love abounds! Too many families don't understand how important this is. Great pictures and even greater memories made!! Thanks for sharing!! zo

    1. I'm so thankful for the time we had together!!