Monday, May 14, 2018

Sunday in the South Including a Kitchen Shower

We have had such fun at the showers for our daughter and future son-in-law! It never ceases to amaze me at the generosity and goodness of people!

So last Sunday - not yesterday but a week ago - my sister and I drove to the town where my daughter lives and we attended worship with her. My future son-in-law plays in the orchestra so it was special to see him play that day. You can't really see him but he is a trumpet player!

After lunch, our daughter's future father-in-law treated us to lunch at a local BBQ restaurant. I was excited about the size of the diet coke (even though I'm a diet pepsi drinker) - the ball jar was huge!

My future son-in-law was excited that this country music star was also eating lunch at Country's BBQ restaurant.

This is Jamey Johnson . . .who sings . . .and who co-wrote Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. Wonder what he ordered?? I had BBQ chicken and it was quite tasty!!

My sister and I finally had a photo taken together. She does exist, y'all! I'm wearing the pink dress - just in case you wondered!

The shower was held in a really cute neighborhood very similar to the neighborhood where I live!

I love a beautiful silver service . . .and look at those lovely flowers. The home was lovely!

These are pimento cheese sandwiches . . .with olives chopped up in with the pimento cheese - yummy!!

They served the old fashioned punch that I remember from my childhood - green (lime) sherbet with gingerale poured over the top - oh so good!

Laura was showered with lovely gifts.

We both wore pink!! I had on really tall wedges (for me) and I'm still so much shorter!

Laura and the hostesses

Y'all - my baby girl is getting married this coming Saturday - I just can't believe it!!


  1. Your dress is so pretty. Very summery! Looks like a beautiful shower. I'm glad your sweet girl was showered with so much love. The final countdown is on now. Hope everything comes together perfectly.


  2. Exciting stuff! Your girl is just glowing!

    That home is lovely, indeed ... but I'm more a mason jar type myself (lol). Those trays your daughter was given are wonderful!

  3. Patti - thanks so much for the compliment on my dress!! I'm sure I'll be blogging about the wedding soon!!
    Myra - one is a tray and I think she put it on top of her china cabinet. I think the other one was a giant window picture frame. They were both lovely gifts!