Friday, May 18, 2018

Five Minute Friday -- Secret

Today is Five Minute Friday -- we write for five minutes using a one word prompt and then STOP and then link up here.  Go!

Back when I was in my 30's, I decided to seek counseling from a professional because of a "secret" in my life. I will never forget the therapist's words to me, "We don't keep secrets but secrets keep us." If that thought has popped into my head once in the last 20 years, it has popped into my head a bajillion times. The therapist shared with me how when we keep things bottled up inside, they cause all sorts of illnesses - physical, mental, emotional. This was not a secret about something I had done.

I probably will never share my secret on a page like this for all of the world to see but I have shared it in the appropriate places - places where I could receive the help I needed. I have shared it in other safe places among close friends who could also offer help and sympathy and hugs and sometimes even empathy.

Just writing about this secret makes me think of the scripture about the heavy burden -- Matthew 11:28 - Come to me all ye who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest . . .those words are so true. Rest and peace are often needed.

So are you struggling with a secret today? Is a secret keeping you?  Seek a trusted friend and talk. Seek out a good therapist and talk. Seek out Jesus.

p.s. - this part is being written after the five minute mark -- once again, I'm sure that my writing is off on some other tangent than what our wonderful folks at Five Minute Friday bargained far. I always seem to go in odd directions!!


  1. Love your bajillion 😂- I too agree that secrets don't necessarily need to be shared from rooftops... sometimes that takes the focus away from the Glory of God and the healing he has given you. And one my favorite promises in the Bible is ...the truth will set you free ❤️

    Visiting from next door at FMF

  2. I agree, when we keep secrets we give them power. When we let them into the light they lose their grip on us. I'm so glad I was able to speak out about a secret I was carrying and find freedom. Finding a person we can trust to tell is so important. Visiting from FMF.