Saturday, September 27, 2014

Show me YOUR house!

We've been in our new house for over three months at this point . . .and we hung a few things on the walls last weekend.  We aren't through but we have finally made a start.  Mark finished cleaning out the big storage unit this morning so now all we have is 1/3 of the one that Glenn and Lauren and Ann share.  I'm still not sure what it says about us (many of US) that we have so much stuff that we have to have multiple storage units -- and I didn't think we HAD much stuff!!

So . . .here is a little house tour - you can check out our front porch here (and p.s. from that post -- one of my pumpkins toppled off and split and one of my biggest ones had a bruise that "went south" this week and had to be discarded so some rearranging occurred this morning when we came back from our walk)

You walk in the front door and you enter the house (duh! that was a stupid sentence but I'm going to leave it!).  We hung our antique mirror over the entry hall table last week.  The movers broke one of the legs on our little table and we just keep on putting it back together.  It is an antique, also - purchased at some sale a million years ago - either when we were dating or newlyweds.

When you enter the house, the dining room is to your right and then the steps to upstairs and then the middle of the house is all open.

This is our new sofa.  We ordered it from Pottery Barn and it took forever and a day to arrive BUT IT IS HERE now and it will hold four "butts" - those things matter on Tuesday nights!!

The door with glass panes leads to our screened in porch and to the garage.

This is just a different view of the family room.  We bought all new furniture for this room and it has "dribbled in" piece by piece.  Mark said he would NEVER have a tv as the focal point of a room but guess what?  We do!  Giant TV over the mantle.  The family room is a mixture of nice things and some not so very expensive things and I think I like that look!  The little table between the two chairs is also an antique.  Mark wants to replace it because it is showing a lot of wear but for some reason, I LOVE that little table.

This is our bedroom.  The master is on the main level which will be good when we are old.  (No, I am NOT old now.  Maybe I am in actual years but I do not feel old.)

We hung this picture last weekend.  I painted the lamp bases with the same spray paint that I used to paint the handles on all the furniture in this room.  You can read about that exciting (NOT) adventure 

We had these lamps in our dining room in the other house but I don't have a piece of furniture in the dining room right now . . .we were looking through Rooms To Go on the way home from church last week and noticed lamps on dressers.  Once again . . . DUH!  I love the soft lighting they provide.

This is the view from the other side of the room.  I love the little windows.  They are on the side of the house that faces our neighbor's courtyard.  When houses are close together, it is nice not to have someone staring at you :-)  We used the sleigh bed that was in Laura's room for the Master.  I bought new lamps from Lamps Plus and really like them!  I also bought new bedding and had a big "E" monogrammed on it.

This is the powder room.  It is located around the corner from the kitchen and outside the master bedroom.  We hung those two pictures last weekend, too.  They are some of our favorites.  They were done by an Alabama artist.

Just another view of that same bathroom.

This is one of my favorite features in the house.  What is it, you might ask???  It is the ceiling of that powder room!  I love the wooden boards.  Those same type of boards are over the fireplace.  If you didn't notice, go back and see if you can see them!!

I don't know how I ever lived without this kitchen.  That is said somewhat dramatically!  The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and it is such a pleasure to spend time in ours.  I'm a happy cook.  Yes, I could tell you that I want six burners and a fancier oven but you know what?  I haven't really even thought of that since we moved here.  I HAVE A WONDERFUL KITCHEN and I love cooking in this kitchen and I feel so incredibly blessed.

This is our little bar area.  I have redone it several times.  Now there is my big "E" drink dispenser where the basket is.  Laura had the idea to do this and it turned out so incredible cute.  This is between the kitchen and dining room.  Directly across is the Butler's pantry - fancy name for a closet that I put a big wire shelf unit in and have all sorts of stuff stored on those shelves.

Here is the dining room.  We have NOTHING on the walls yet.  We are moving in the direction of decorating.  The china cabinet would be to the left in this picture.

This is the master bath.  Our walk in closet and the water closet are both to the right (behind separate doors!!)  The floor of the shower is bricks (or tile like bricks).  I love it.  Above the double sinks (to the left) is a really cool architectural detail - sort of like a wooden shelf but I don't think I would ever put anything up there.

So - there you have it -- most of the downstairs.  No pic of the laundry room (maybe never!) and no pic of the inside of the Butler's Pantry (maybe never!!).  

We are loving both the house and the neighborhood!  Now . . .we just have to get our roof and bedroom ceiling repaired (builder knows - shingles are here - hopefully next week).  It may be a long time before you see pictures of upstairs.  I don't quite have it together yet.  It is a work in progress for sure!!
I would love to see your house or a favorite part/detail!!
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  1. Your house looks great! I love lamps and have them all over--Will and I "fight" when he turns on the bright overhead lights!