Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Farmer's Market on Finley Avenue

Have I ever told you how much I love the Farmer's Market?  I really, really love going.  I looked back through my posts and found this one about the Farmer's Market.  (this post has no cerebral nor spiritual value . . .it is simply a recounting of my day and a few pictures so I'm not offended if you stop reading now!)

On Saturday, after making muffins, I decided to head out.  I didn't shower or change clothes because I knew that I would get really dirty digging through bins of pumpkins.  See all those big cardboard boxes?  They were full of pumpkins of all colors.  Don't you love my wonderful photo?  I've bought pumpkins from this vendor several times.  Inside that building are boxes and boxes of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I'm fairly short (and very round) and some of those box sides are very tall.  I always think it would be so embarrassing if I fell over into one of the boxes.  I would be saying, "Help!  I've fallen over and I can't get up!"  hahahaha!  The pumpkins are straight from the field and they are dirty.  I changed shirts when I got home and finished unloading because I was covered with hay/straw and dirt and I smelled like pumpkin goo and dirt!

This vendor is at the Farmer's Market year round -- Oakley Smith.  I found out on Saturday that they also have Christmas trees and gorgeous plants in the spring!  I think I'll make another trip to visit them.  I always think it is ironic because I make out my check to: Nancy Smith (I miss my Nancy!!)  I always meant to tell Nancy about that but I never did.  According to the Farmer's Market website, this vendor has tropical plants and flowers; watermelons; pumpkins and Christmas trees.  Mr. Smith did tell me that they have Frasier Fir trees and they will arrive four days before Thanksgiving.

Since I was already at the market, I drove around to the Farm House Produce Stand.  I bought tomatoes and okra and peas and squash and cooked it all for supper.  Delicious.  Normally, I buy all my produce from our trusty veggie man in the church parking lot but since I was already at the market, thought I would get a few things.

I bought all of these lovely pumpkins and mums and Indian corn and bales of hay.

This is what I did with some of the pumpkins.  Our porch is so tall that I feel like I need to get something else.  I may get some branches and spray paint them black and hang paper bats from them for Halloween.  You can find directions to make the War Eagle Wreath at here.

Since I was on the front porch taking pictures - thought I would show the rest to you . . .around to the left is our big table and chairs.  Mark has always wanted a teak table and he ordered this table and chairs . . .after I went to bed one night!  We use this table every Tuesday night for at least six young adults.  Mark and I have eaten out there a couple of times.  As a matter of fact, he may have eaten his cereal out there this morning.  See those cute lanterns?  I bought those at Target last year when we were hosting a shower for Kaylor and Sarah McCain.  I was excited to find them in a giant bin of Auburn decorations.  Of course, there are no candles in them.  I can remedy that tonight!

This is our view to the right of the front door.  It is fun to be on our front porch and talk to the folks walking by or visit with our next door neighbors.

Here are the rest of the pumpkins that I purchased - on the dining room table!!  I love fall decorations.  I love fall decorations almost more than Christmas decorations.

No pictures yet on the dining room wall.  We've been in the house over 90 days now and we hung the first things on our walls this weekend.  I hung quite a few things in my craft room (though I have not organized it!! -- that is coming soon!!!)  We hung one picture in the bedroom, a mirror in the entry hall and two pictures in the powder room.  We felt like we had really accomplished a major feat - maybe we can hang a few more things this weekend.

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