Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can you believe it? DIY!!

The title of the post makes you think this is about something truly interesting . . .but it's not really. . .BUT It was actually pretty amazing to us!!

We bought new bedroom furniture 22 years ago - when we purchased our previous home.  It is nice furniture - and it still has a lot of years left . . .but it had ugly shiny brass (gold) drawer pulls.  

Our daughter, Laura, sent a pinterest link to me several weeks ago about a DIY project.  I was standing in Walmart on Sunday night trying to find that email. . . .I could have purchased all my groceries while I waited on my phone to find and load the email!!  The girl who had written the blog post that was in the pinterest link used a Krylon spray paint.  I couldn't find the one she used.  I did find this though:
11 oz. All Surface Metallic Satin Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint and Primer in One by Rustoleum 

I took a day of vacation on Monday so that the sheetrock repairman and the painter and the carpenter could all come to my house.  I had plenty of paperwork to do and I even went to the pool for about 30 minutes BUT I wanted to do something really productive.  I removed all of the drawer pulls from the dresser and two night stands . . .and there were a lot of them.  I pulled a couple of flattened cardboard boxes from our stash and spread those on the patio and lined up all of the pulls.. . .and I painted.  After an hour or so, I went out and flipped the little top pull up and sprayed again.

We were amazed at the coverage.  I held it up to our door knob and locks and it matches perfectly!!
After Mark got home from work, we put all of them back on . . .man, my wrist and shoulder hurt today from using that screwdriver so much . . .I am such a wimp!!  Did I take a picture of the finished project?  I forgot!  The dresser and night stands look great.  (in the picture above, you can see our lovely "window treatments" -- wardrobe boxes!!  Our plantation shutters are supposed to finally be installed on Friday.  Thank goodness!!)

This was an inexpensive project - we didn't even use a whole can of spray paint and it only took a few hours. . .Mark liked the way they looked so much that he took the hardware off the screen door and sprayed it last night.  

Have you had good luck with a DIY project lately?

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