Sunday, June 8, 2014

So . . . looking up . . .surely . . .looking up!

Those of you who know me well know that I write in a prayer journal most mornings . . .not every morning except during Lent . . .and then I am so disciplined. . . .but most mornings, I write and talk to God.  I usually keep some sort of a small spiral notebook going.  Well, today (not pictured because obviously it is June not August), I asked God to help me to LOVE MY new job just like I LOVED my old job.  I've begun to love it (just in case any of you were worried) but it is still so new . . .and I feel like I make so many mistakes . . .and we've had a death every week since I took over (typing funeral bulletins is one of my jobs).  (I am NOT whining - I'm processing!!)

So . . .anyway, for the last thirty minutes, things have finally quietened down.  I actually leaned way back in my chair and closed my eyes (I was already coming up with "I'm just praying" . . .in case someone walked in the door).

I opened my eyes and above my desk is this "art" that I made when I moved into this office.  I read those words once again . . . .Under HIS wings I safely abide . . .

A peace I haven't felt in weeks washed over me.  This has been hanging on the wall for weeks.  I've looked at it every single day but TODAY God spoke through those words . . .UNDER MY WINGS, YOU - LISA - YOU CAN SAFELY ABIDE . . .and love your new job not just as much as but MORE THAN your old job.  

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  1. New jobs can be so overwhelming. Don't be too hard on yourself - everyone has to learn how to do their jobs and no one does the job the very same have to give it your own touch!