Monday, July 14, 2014

Taking Stock

I saw this over on Cassie's blog --   thought it sounded like a fun thing to do today!!

Cooking: fresh veggies from the "veggie man" - he sells fresh veggies every
Tuesday and Thursday in our church parking lot!  Actually, love cooking anything on
our new gas
Drinking: orange gatorade (really weird, I know!), sweet tea, diet pepsis (a given!!)
and margaritas
Reading: have been trying to read a lot - goes back to days of "summer reading clubs"
at the library - have read the newest James Patterson recently and am now reading
all sorts of other
books on my kindle
Wanting: time at the pool and a pedicure - can't seem to find time for either!
Looking: we've been in the "buying" mode for the new house - everything from porch
furniture to rugs to living room furniture . . .I think the next thing I will be looking for
is pictures for the walls!!
Playing: with our son and daughter-in-law's new puppy, Riley!
Deciding: what to serve for dinner on Tuesday nights!!
Wishing: all the little stuff would be finished at the house
Enjoying: our new home
Waiting: for our furniture to arrive . . .it is taking so long!!
Liking: my new job!
Wondering: who was in the park this morning training two dogs . . she even had the pouch
with treats in it
Loving: working at Trinity . . .and of course, my hubby and children
Considering: working on a new "planning your funeral" guide for the church - we've had a
death a week since I've been in this new job!!
Watching: the Big Bang Theory (love it!) and Modern Family and also the Smithsonian
channel  (Mark is obsessed with it) and Naked and Afraid (another pick by Mark) . . .
and anything else that is an outdoor show (Mark loves them and I usually just go along 
with the flow where the TV is concerned)
Hoping: that I can figure out the difference between wanting, wishing and hoping
(lots of those kinds of questions in this quiz)
Marveling: at the incredible moon this weekend . . .and also, every day I "marvel" at
the number of things that Mary (predecessor) just "knew" about
Needing: to go and get an allergy shot and take Andy's white robe (ALB?) to the dry
cleaners and go make a deposit at the bank
Smelling: tea tree oil . . .
Wearing: the coolest (as in temperature - not as in - "she wears the best (coolest) clothes" -
clothes I can find
Following: ok - this sounds corny . . .tried to think of some clever person who tweets . . .
or something cool on facebook . . .or whatever . . .but I keep coming back to . . .
following Jesus . . .or trying to follow him
Noticing: that we have an unbelievable number of spiders in our house
Knowing: that God is at work at Trinity UMC and in my life
Thinking: that I need to go back on Weight Watchers . . .dadgumit!
Feeling: like I need a nap - right now!
Admiring: how some of the young mothers at our church take care of their sweet children!
Buying: see above - just bought a new house and lots of stuff
Getting: rid of stuff . . .yes, I know I said that I've been buying stuff . . .but I've also been
amazed at just how much junk we had accumulated over 22 years in the same house so we've
been getting rid of lots of stuff
Disliking: not having shelves that I can reach in our laundry room (they are mounted so
high that I have to stand on a stool!  Big dislike!)
Opening: all the air conditioning vents...HOT! (this was Cassie's answer and it applies to me . . .
so I'm using her answer on this one!!)
Giggling: not today . . .but normally at the crazy things people say.  Every church member
should work for about a week in a church office
Feeling: blessed beyond measure - God loves me!

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  1. Love reading your list! Cracking up at the "cool" clothes answer...hahahaha!