Wednesday, July 17, 2013

supper club

I just saw this "draft" in my blog list and I looked at the lovely pictures and actually said out loud, "ah heck. This was back in May and it is now July 17!!" Thought I would share anyway! Guy and Phella's new house is so nice and they have this wonderful breezeway between their house and the garage.  One wall is the outer wall of the house and one wall is the outer wall of the garage.  The other two walls are screen.  On this evening in May, the breezeway was doing its job . . .catching the breeze.  It was quite comfortable outside. I always wanted a breezeway when I was growing up. The house across the street from us had a breezeway . . .but I think I remember that family storing their deepfreezer in their breezeway and only using it as a walkway from the garage to the rest of the house.  I love that this breezeway is also a "living space."  Granted . . .we live in the deep south and we have lots of pollen and lots of long and hot days so I don't know how much I, personally, would use an outdoor space because I am soooo hot natured and I have so many allergies . . .but Phella . . ..Phella is cold natured.  I bet she will use this space often.  I can just see a big old comfy chair and a small table.  It would be a great place for morning devotions!!

Phella set a beautiful, yet simple, table.  She had mason jars with twine wrapped around each one and she used hydrangeas from her yard.  She used plain votive cups with white candles and a burlap runner on top of white cloths.  There was another flower in the jars also but I have no idea of the name of that flower.

I love this picture of the "glow" of the candles against the rough texture of the burlap . . .and the flowers in the background and even further back the lush green of a May evening in Alabama.  I don't feel like I get "great" shots often but this is one of my favorites . . .maybe not Southern Living worthy but certainly good!

I didn't take very many pictures that night but for some reason snapped this one of Laura M. and Mark.  Isn't that an incredible island?  We ate our appetizers inside.  I was in charge of appetizers and made sausage stuffed mushrooms.  They were yummy.

This night in May was a good night because Gary and Dona were able to join us. They have been unable to join us most months due to Jason's illness and travels and having their house on the market and other reasons. We thought we were all going to be together but at the last minute, Scott and Bonnie had to bow out due to other activities that day that had worn them out (that is a southern expression!! worn out!). When we are all together, there is this sense of family - of belonging - like no other. 

We sat on the porch and ate supper and drank great margaritas (courtesy of Guy's blender skills) and talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. Just sitting here typing those words calls up that evening in my mind. It is one of those memories that makes you smile - not just a smile on your mouth but a smile in your heart. You know what I mean? I think that is one of the main reasons I blog. I don't want to forget those kinds of evenings. Those rare moments when everything seems just right.

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