Friday, July 5, 2013

Robert & Suzanne's Wedding and our weekend in Atlanta

Warning - photo overload!!  Memories included!!
I was reading my daughter-in-law's blog this morning and she said that they are in the wedding and wedding shower and baby shower season of life . . .and so are we. Wherever your kids are/whatever season . . .no matter the age . . .that is pretty much where you find yourself also. I imagine that might change as they get older, but I don't really know. I do know that we are also in the wedding, wedding shower, baby shower season of life!! The last few weekends have certainly proven that point. We have had so much fun. One of those weddings was in Atlanta. We drove over after lunch on Friday afternoon in time to arrive at the Georgian Club for the rehearsal dinner.  I'll have to tell a story on myself.  I forgot my cute little dressy black purse - you know - the kind that holds a lipstick and your cell phone and not much else??  I forgot it at home - 2 hours away.  The only purse in the car was my Vera Bradley shoulder bag . . . it did not match my dress nor the decor of the club.  At this moment, I cannot remember what my poor husband said to me that made me so furious but I remember my retort.  It was, "why do you ALWAYS have to criticize me?  why can't you say nice things to me like other husbands?"  At that point, I threw my car keys at him and exited the car in a huff and stomped across the parking lot in my high heels into the air conditioned lobby of the building."  I stood there and waited on him.  In a few minutes, he arrived . . .carrying my Vera Bradley handbag (I'm laughing as I type this but it was SOOOO NOT FUNNY at the time) and he said, "I found your phone but I don't have the car keys."  I said, "Well, I threw them at you so you should have them."  So it is only about 100 degrees outside and we both stomp back across the parking lot and he opens the door and says something like, "see they aren't in here."  I said, "move!"  I reached my hand down beside the seat and pulled out the keys.  I've lost way too many things in that same spot so I knew they had to be there.  Then we went back inside and put smiles on our faces and went to opposite corners of the party and were very nice to other people.  End of story.  I swear.  In hindsight, I do not know why I have to act like such a butt.  I was the designated driver so I didn't even drink anything except for toasting later in the evening.  The meal was delicious, the centerpieces were lovely, the bride and her dress were really lovely, the toasts were from heartfelt to hilarious.  It was such a nice rehearsal dinner.

I was able to put my anger aside long enough to take a picture of Mark and Allen.  Mark looks a little afraid of me at this point, doesn't he?  Oh me - I must have been really bad that night!!!!

Robert, the groom, is a twin like our kids.  The rehearsal dinner was on his (and his twin brother's) birthday so they served this cake that night.  I'm trying to remember if we sang happy birthday or not???  Maybe???
The Georgian Club was a lovely location with a really nice view from all those windows. 

The party lasted until 10:30 or so and we had not checked into our hotel yet so we arrived, checked in and crashed and actually slept in (somewhat) the next morning.  What a luxury.  It was a gorgeous morning and we enjoyed looking out our window at several different condominium complexes around us.  I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a high rise with one of those balconies.

We NEVER go out to breakfast unless we are somewhere alone like this.  We used our phones to look up restaurants around us and then just started walked toward one.  Our cell phones today make life so easy.  We actually walked a few blocks away to The Corner Bakery Cafe.  Mark ordered french toast made with cinnamon rolls and bacon and eggs.  He was disappointed in the french toast (I thought it tasted yummy but I don't like that much "sweetness" for breakfast) because it was kind of doughy in the center.  That is the same reason he prefers waffles over pancakes.  He prefers a more "done" texture.

I ordered this it was a breakfast panini with a side of baked home fries.  I have been eating grilled cheese or grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches for breakfast for years and people think I'm so weird.  When I bit into the breakfast panini, I said to Mark, "Oh my goodness, tastes just like what I make!!"  I don't think I had ever had a panini before.  Of course, their sandwich was really much much better than what I make at home because it had a whole lot of other ingredients on it but after realizing that restaurants serve basically grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches for breakfast, I'm going to quit feeling weird and just start calling mine a "breakfast panini."

As we were walking back to the hotel, there was a nice little bench in the shade and we sat down for a moment for Mark to text with a friend.  I never thought I would type those words.  We've both had our Iphones for a while and Mark will text a few words to us but he was actually typing a long text to our friend in Nashville about a car!!  You can see the street in the background . . .no cars . . .that changed quickly.  Even on a Saturday . . .I have never seen so much traffic in my life.  Our drive to the church for the wedding was supposed to take 9 minutes.  Guess how many minutes?  45!!!  Thank goodness I am married to a man who always makes us leave early or we would have been late!!!!!

One of my favorite parts of the day was a trip to Trader Joe's.  I wish we had a Trader Joe's.  I don't understand why we can't have one.  Our city is large enough to support a Trader Joe's.  Who do I have to beg?  We need a Trader Joe's.  I filled up a shopping cart and even bought our door prizes for Bible study and paid for all of that and then Mark found me and we bought a case of wine for a shower we were hosting.  They even gave a free bag to me because it was my first ever time in a Trader Joe's!!!  I'm going to Concord, NC in a few weeks and I've already googled . . .there is a Trader Joe's and yes, I plan to go!!

These are my pretty feet for the wedding.  I have a tendency to wear flip flops all the time.  You can't see the heels but the sandals even had heels.  You do see that there is as little to the "shoe" as possible.  I know that you all REALLY wanted to see my feet, didn't you? 

Here we are after the wedding.
Laura and Allen after the wedding.
Mark, Lisa, Laura, Allen and Guy after the wedding - we missed Phella!!!!

The reception was at the Atlanta History Center and the cocktail portion of the evening lasted at least an hour and they made the exhibits available for us to meander through.  This was a really cool exhibit and Mark and I took a few photos.  I think it would have been so neat to ride in one of these buggies.

Mark loved this little house because everything in it was exactly like the stuff at our farm house from the windows to the floors to the mantle.

A bunch of us were able to sit together at the reception - Laura, Allen, Lisa, Bonnie, her mom, Debbie, Jim and Mark.  Bonnie's daughter, Lauren, took the photo for us.  A full meal was served buffet style and it was nice to have a place to sit and eat.

The centerpieces were  lovely.  The flowers and candles were floating in water in these tall cylinders.  I've noticed that a lot of folks have used these tall cylinders with various "things" inside them at the different receptions.

Robert changed into a white dinner jacket before they made their grand entrance into the reception.  He was made for a white dinner jacket.  His personality screams white dinner jacket!!

Suzanne's dance with her daddy and Robert's dance with his mom were both sweet.

Dave and Laura are both smiling!!

The happy parents of the groom - Dave and Kim - Kim's dress was beautiful!!

oh - here is the picture of Robert and Suzanne and their first dance - they are both great dancers so it was fun to watch them.

It was a lovely weekend - nice to getaway.  Mark forgave my outburst and we ended up having a good time.  We came home on Sunday and still had Sunday afternoon to regroup and get ready for another work week.  Fun weekend - yes, it was.

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  1. I love grilled cheeses for breakfast! I like turkey or bacon on mine.