Thursday, July 25, 2013

I heard HIM today . . .

Well, I was indeed feeling a little sorry for myself last night.  I was trying not to let it bleed through in my blog post.  I actually erased a whole paragraph because I just couldn't bare my soul to the world as easily as I thought I could.  I was in a hotel room all by myself watching a Disney movie (which was cute) feeling excluded.  I did pray about it as I was falling asleep . . .and several times during the night . . .and again this morning.

We were given a voucher to use for breakfast at our hotel this morning so I went down to the Bistro and I decided I would try to "make a friend" ONE MORE TIME.  There was a lady ordering her food.  I saw her ordering food last night and I knew she was the same one because I heard her tell the person that she had lots of food allergies.  So I took a deep breath and said, "are you here for She Speaks?" and I smiled at her.  She said, "yes" and smiled back.  I took another really deep breath and said, "would you like to sit with me and eat breakfast?"  Oh my goodness . . .I felt like I was in middle school and I was trying to sit at the popular girls' lunch table.  She was a total stranger.  She said, "YES"!!  So we got our food and found a table and there was a lady about our age at the next table and new friend number one (Cheryl) asked lady at next table, "are you here for She Speaks?"  She said, "YES"!!  We asked her to join us.  I got even BOLDER.  I said, "may I ask a blessing over our breakfast?"  Oh my goodness.  I am with total strangers in the middle of a hotel lobby.  I've known these women less than ten minutes and I am praying with them.  We ate breakfast together and chatted and made plans to walk to the conference together.  Amazing how different just a small social interaction can make you feel.  Friend number two's name is Janet and she has a horrible cold.  Before we left the lobby, Cheryl said, "we are going to pray for you to feel better."  I had known these two women less than 30 minutes and we prayed together in PUBLIC two times.  We didn't make a big deal out of it either time.  There were about four tables of big ole bikers right next to us and I don't think they even noticed . . .but if they did, that is just fine, too!!

So . . . . . .we walked down and registered for the pre-conference sessions and looked at books (you know  how every conference has book tables?).  They also have a prayer chapel set up so I went to the prayer chapel and prayed.  They have every conference attendees name typed on a strip of paper (over 700 women) and they have bigger pieces of paper that look like parchment.  On an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of parchment, they have one of the many names for God typed in big print.  Like spokes, they have about 20 of the attendees names attached to the piece of parchment paper.  Interspersed among the papers are candles.  They have a huge cross in one corner of the room.  They have two padded kneelers in the center of the room.  They have a circle of pillows in the middle where you could either sit or fall on your face in prayer.  There are people in that room continuously praying BY NAME for all of the conference attendees and speakers.  Isn't that powerful?  I spent some time on one of the kneelers praying.

The opening session of worship was amazing.  I am not a crier.  I was moved to tears within the first few moments of music.  We were singing basic praise songs I've sung 100's of times and we sang one hymn . . .the music was beautiful and full of the Holy Spirit.  Sharon Glasgow spoke to us and she was funny and insightful and set the tone for the day.

I attended three break-out session today - two on social media . . .facebook/blogging/twitter/websites and one on developing your message.  We were reminded all day that everything we do is to bring glory to God and that we are to be CALLED by God first and foremost . . .and that sometimes we are called and then we have to wait . . .sometimes for many years . . .sounds like my story!!

I've known for years that God called me to teach.  Teaching is different from speaking.  Some of these women want to be like Beth Moore or they want to be the Key Note Speaker at events.  Yes, they have a story and they feel called to tell it.  When I say they have stories . . .these women really have stories.  Some of them are trying to get book contracts and will be meeting with publishers and agents tomorrow and Saturday.  It is not easy to get published.  You have to have a platform - followers on twitter and facebook.  Our world  . . .it is a'changin'!

But God's call is still the same . . .Lisa, do you hear me?  Yes, Lord, Speak.  Your servant is listening.


  1. Ha Lisa - just so you'll know, I'm a biker and hang with a LOT of those "big ole bikers" and believe it or not we do pray!!!! Bikers are phone co people, attorneys, judges, coal workers, carpenters, professors, lots of police officers, firemen, and even a preacher or two! We're really quite normal - we just like to be up close and personal with God's world. Have a blessed day! Sharon

    1. I did not mean that offensively - I am so sorry if it sounded that way. I just meant we were three women in the midst of all of them, I am so sorry if I sounded like I thought less of them.

  2. Thank you for sharing your She Speaks story! It took me back to '09 and '12 when I was blessed to attend and also gave me a glimpse of this years conference!! Praying the seeds God planted in your heart will grow!! Blessings!!