Sunday, June 30, 2013

john wesley friends and fun

Back in May, Scott and Laura - Our Sunday School class president and his wife, offered their beautiful home for a Saturday evening get together.  We all knew that there were already many things going on that weekend - college graduations, We Love Homewood Day and parade, etc. but decided since their house was available we would just go ahead with the party.  Everyone was to bring a dish/appetizer/dessert to share.  Mark grilled two venison tenderloins and they ate every single bite!!  He always arranges them so beautifully!! 

Isn't her kitchen wonderful?  She has a huge island and she has the most amazing stove. She is always so generous to offer her house for a party.  (She offered her home for my 50th birthday party a few years ago)
The room is a big family room with an eat-in kitchen and a screened-in porch off to the side and they always open the door to the porch which makes the space seem even larger.  Living in the south, they can open that door to the porch even in December - especially if there are about 50 people in the room generating heat!!  Sorry for the tangent - back to the Saturday night in May.  It was a perfect evening.  We parked in Guy and Phella's driveway next door and walked over with them.  Our class is huge and on this night, the group was smaller than normal so everyone was actually able to talk with everyone else.  Sometimes that is not a possibility!!

It was so good to see Carolyn and Howard!

Laura is one of those folks who has this amazing ability to decorate her home.  She has folk art all over the walls.  You can see some of it around her pantry door and even above the cabinet near the clock.  On another wall, she has almost the entire wall covered with different kinds of folk art.  It looks wonderful.  If I did that in my house, it would look terrible.  Why do some people have the ability to make something look so great?  Her house is warm and inviting. 

This picture generated much chuckling.  Gary kept saying, "my sunday school teacher is taking a picture of my butt."  I turned around and looked and there was a fork sticking out of Gary's back pocket.  I think he was saving it in case he decided he wanted to eat some more!!  When I saw it, I couldn't resist.  I did, indeed, have to take a picture of his butt!!

This is my sister-in-law's platter.  She and George and Lynn (another class member who rode with them) arrived a little late because my niece marched in the parade.  She is in the band.  Alice made these jalapeno cream cheese bites that my daughter-in-love makes.  Check out my daughter-in-love's recipe here.  They are delicious!!!  I think that all of these were eaten also!!

It was a good night! Lots of food + lots of good conversation + lots of laughter = one good night!

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