Thursday, February 28, 2013


Our sweet son and daughter-in-law have been living with us for a few weeks.  Our daughter-in-law moved in with us back in January and our son has been here for a couple of weeks now.  They are in one of those "transition" states . . .job changes, looking for a place to live, etc.  We are enjoying having them with us so much!

It is interesting though to "blend" two family units together.  Last night, Glenn said that they hate not being able to find their stuff.  Lots of their belongings are in storage, some are crammed into Laura's closets and some into Glenn's closet.  I know that must be difficult!!

Back when I was pregnant with Glenn and Laura, I had to stay with my in-laws for about four days.  I know that it can be tough.  Different families do things in different ways and I'm sure there are days that Lauren thinks we are all nuts.  We are loud in general.  We talk loudly.  We laugh loudly.  I yell loudly (Mark is passive agressive so he never yells).  Mark's family (besides Mark) on the other hand is not so loud.  They are all pretty passive agressive actually.  Families are just different.

I stayed home most of Glenn and Laura's lives.  I worked two different part-time jobs when they were little and was always home in the afternoons.  Lauren's mom worked outside the home (I think - I need to ask her that question??) most of the time.  Laura and Glenn are twins so they were always home at the same time.  Lauren and her brother are several years apart.  Families are just different.

The thing that I love is seeing how "in love" Glenn and Lauren are with each other. They just celebrated their second anniversary and it is refreshing to see how they care for each other.

I've also learned some other really interesting things . . .they have been eating the Paleo way . . .and it takes a lot of chopping and prepping!! Fresh fruits and veggies and lean meat - all so healthy. Glenn showed us this pyramid.  Isn't that amazing?  We are eating the same diet that they are feeding cows . . .to FATTEN them up!!!!!

Since Glenn met Lauren while away at college, I didn't know her well before they got married.  I've enjoyed getting to know her better.  Before they moved in with us, we had only spent a few days together over holidays, etc.  We actually have quite a few things in common.  We both love to blog!  Check out her blog at Simply Free  I love to read her blog and she actually met some blog friends this last weekend.  How cool is that?  We both love Glenn - that is VERY important.  The most important thing is that we both love Jesus!!

So . . .we are all on this journey . . .together.  Laura went away to college and moved home while she worked on her master's.  Now she is in an apartment with friends.  Glenn and Lauren went away to college and got their master's and moved to Mobile . . .and are now back home for a while. 

By the time, I was the age of the three of them, both of my parents had already died.  I was on my own.  I love knowing that Mark and I have a home and it is open to our children.

Families - they are a good thing.  They really are!  I love mine . . .how about you?

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  1. y'all aren't anywhere near crazy :) and you have no idea how thankful we are that we are able to stay with y'all during this transition time!

    and yes & no to your question on my mom working - she didn't after my brother was born until my dad left and then she went back to work shortly after that when I was 12.