Monday, February 4, 2013

Triple the fun . . .

I still can't believe how far behind I am on the blog.  We celebrated triple birthdays on Wednesday night of the long Thanksgiving weekend . . .way back in November of 2012.  We've always celebrated and had double the fun with twins but now that we have Lauren in the family, we have triple the birthday fun!

I made my first ever homemade German Chocolate cake.  I used Grandmother's (Mark's mom's) recipe and I must admit that I was proud of myself.  It took me several hours to bake the cake and make the filling to go between the layers and then to make the icing but it was so worth it!!  I'm excited that Lauren loves that cake because it is my favorite!!  Grandmother had never shared the recipe with me.  When I would ask, she would say, "that is my hardest cake to bake."  I emailed my sister-in-law in Delaware and asked her for the recipe and so it was a surprise that I made it . . .and it tasted really good!!  I actually felt like an accomplished "baker."

I also made Laura's cake but it was easy.  She LOVES Funfetti cakes . . .buy that cake mix, mix it up, bake it and put the icing on straight from the container!!

Grandmother baked a cake for Glenn.  She made her homemade pound cake with homemade icing . . the kind of icing that you have to cook.  I've never made that kind of icing before.  Glenn loves that cake!!  (so does Mark!)

We invited the family over for dinner that night and it was so good to have everyone around OUR table. 

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  1. The German Chocolate cake was quite possibly the best I've ever had :) So glad that you made it!