Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two become one . . .

ok - can you believe that I'm posting twice in one day? My oven is self-cleaning and I can't leave the house until it is finished . . .so I'm updating!!!!

What a wonderful wedding day! What a precious bride! This was my view upon entering the bride's dressing room. She took my breath away!! Once again, I had to snap a picture of our two beautiful girls together. My prayer is that they will grow closer and truly become "sisters" to each other.

Laura had a hair appointment for Saturday morning and Lauren didn't . . .and all the bridesmaids were able to convince Lauren to take Laura's appointment. The girl did a great job on her hair. It looked beautiful. I was so proud of Laura for giving up her appointment!! (and she did her own hair and it looked beautiful also!!)

Just wanted a side view of the pretty hair!!

Love those socks on the guys. You can see Jon Lunceford right in the middle - the only Alabama man among the crowd! I believe it pained Glenn to go buy those Alabama socks!!

We have so many amazing friends (and family members!). People offered to do so many things for us during the planning stages and during the actual wedding weekend. One friend brought dinner to our family on Thursday night before the weekend began. So thoughtful!! Three friends from the office and four relatives prepared food for the wedding party on the day of the wedding. I didn't know this until this week, but Lauren was never able to even see the table so I'm glad I took a picture of it!!! The food was yummy - sandwiches and chips and fruit and sweets. The table was lovely - I love lemons because they are so sunny and cheerful and yellow!! Thanks to all of you - I will write thank-you's eventually to each of you!! (probably should be doing that rather than updating the blog :-)

Here are my two men again - they look so handsome! I didn't realize that Glenn is taller than Mark!!

Now boys will be boys. I didn't know about boys - didn't have any brothers. But I have learned over the last 24 years. Boys are going to play - whether they are dressed up or not.

These pictures are all after the wedding. I just happened to still be sitting on that front row and so I was able to snap away . . .just no one is looking at me because they are looking at the photographer (which is how it should be!!). Don't they look happy? Aren't they just the cutest couple? (I know - they are my kids so I can say that!)

Funny thing happened - as Mark and I start down the aisle before the wedding - the wedding director says to Mark, "Mark - when you leave Lisa at her pew, kiss her - act like you love her." So we are walking down the aisle and Mark says to me, "I'm not kissing you in front of all these people." So . . . . we get to my pew and guess what I did? I just patted Mark on the butt in front of God and all those people. Hee hee! I couldn't help it!! It just happened, I promise! Several people asked me about it afterwards. Did you mean to pat Mark on the butt? Yes sir - yessirree I did!! I'm still chuckling.
After Lauren's brother escorted her down the aisle and was seated, Wade started talking to Lauren and Glenn and he said that he had stood at that altar just a few years ago and he talked about how he couldn't remember much about the day. So he said to them, "If you can only remember one thing about today, I want you to remember this. Turn around and look at the congregation. (which they did) These people are here because they love you and want to celebrate with you. Soak it in." Isn't that wonderful? I told you that Wade is such a good preacher. He made the ceremony so personal and talked directly to them. I wish I had a transcript because I can't remember much of what he said.

The reception was wonderful. It was at Park Lane and the decorations were lovely - the food was delicious, the wine was yummy. But once again - it comes back to relationships. Our friends were there - surrounding our entire family on this day. Oh - we felt so loved. We had so much fun. We made some new memories. And this middle-aged mom watched her baby boy drive off to begin his honeymoon. (not going there in my head!!) Oh - I just want to relive those memories over and over for just a little longer!! What a special weekend!! What a special couple! What an awesome God we serve!!

The oven has finished . . .so no more excuses. I have to get out of these pj's at 10:30!!!

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