Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did Santa show up?

Yes, indeed Santa showed up at the Elliott household. We were once again blessed to have Becky and Matt with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I love having Becky and Matt here because they are my family. Mark's family is "my" family also and I love being with all of them but there is just something special about having a sister with you on Christmas morning. Becky and I have been close ever since our mother died . . .and we were forced to grow up in a hurry!I'm not sure what is in the gift that Matt is opening . . .we were all looking quite tired that morning and we had to get everyone up early enough to open our presents and whisk them away before everyone arrived for brunch.

You might notice that Glenn has on a sweatshirt . . .we turn our heat way down low at night (about 58 degrees - mainly because of allergies and because I'm a middle-aged woman!!) so it takes a little while for it to warm up in the mornings. Glenn is playing with a little toy from his stocking . . .yes, of course Santa still fills their stockings. Why wouldn't he???

Laura's favorite gift this year was a #2 Auburn football jersey from Glenn and Lauren. She immediately modeled it for us!! She looks pretty good for so early on a Christmas morning!!

Becky received a hummingbird feeder from Matt . . .Becky - have the hummingbirds found it yet?

This picture makes my heart sing (not because it is a great picture - it is not). I love these folks around this table. Glenn and Lauren and Laura (all recent Auburn grads) on the left and moving to the right would be Paul (you can't see him - he is a student at Clemson) and then Matt (just graduated from University of Texas in Austin). Next is Ben (he's a student at Vanderbilt) and Thomas (he is in high school in Delaware). I'm so proud of each one of them. We were missing Grace - they were in Clopton for Christmas this year. I know they are our relatives but I think they are such great young leaders!! This would be the "kids" table - I don't think they are kids anymore!!
They had all joined us for Christmas brunch. I made two different egg casseroles - one is a new recipe that is almost like a giant omelet on a crescent roll crust. We also had cheese grits and biscuits and fruit and juice. I don't like cooked hot breakfast when I first wake up in the morning but I love it later in the morning - especially when I'm surrounded by family!!

Yes - if you look closely, you can see the snow falling. It was snowing like crazy - how cool to experience that on Christmas morning!!

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