Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't Screw it up, Glenn . . .and the Bro Code

This post is technically out of order . . .but y'all will just have to forgive me. I'm working an Emmaus walk this weekend and next week, I'll post about the actual rehearsal. Today I'm going to show you the rehearsal dinner. It was at Cafe Dupont in downtown Birmingham. Cafe Dupont is a restaurant but they have a loft that is "next door" and "upstairs" where you can have private events. You enter from the street and go up these stairs. The camera was shaking because I was shaking so this picture isn't very clear . . .those are candles all the way up the steps. I was shaking because the valet service had failed to put one of the cars in park and it rolled backwards into another car and almost ran over a person (which I thought was my sister - but it wasn't). Anyway. . .so I was shaking but after walking up these steps and getting a wonderful glass (the best ever) of white wine, the party began. (but the saga of the car continues) After walking up the stairs, this is the first table that you encountered. It was a candy table with lots of "hugs and kisses" (perfect for a wedding rehearsal dinner, don't you think??) and lots of gummy bears (which happen to be Lauren's favorite) and some lemon sours and other goodies. There are little bags in the middle with an "E" on them so that you could fill up your baggie as a favor.

Here is a picture of the table. We had snow and ice last week which caused problems with flower and plant deliveries . . but after going to several places, I was able to locate enough white cyclamen. Laura and I found the black buckets at Hobby Lobby and we spent several hours making the cute picture magnets from beer caps. That was a fun project!! I cut the place cards using my Silhouette SD cutter and Laura hand-lettered them and then I tied the cute black and white ribbon through the top. I thought they turned out so cute!!!

The room was at capacity. We had 55 guests. That was 5 tables with 9 on each table and one table with ten people (but that tenth person wasn't eating because of food allergies). I love this picture. This is our supper club - this is family!! (minus Bonnie - we missed you so much!) - from the left, Laura (who is also the mother of one of the groomsmen, Kaylor); Kim, Dona, me and Phella (also a mother of a groomsman, Michael). We didn't invite many "friends" to the party - just our supper club, an out of town guest or two, and mama bear and papa bear. Everyone else was either immediate family or in the wedding party.

Here is the lovely couple - all of this was for them! They look so happy. I love them both!!

We were indeed surrounded by family and friends . . .let me share a few pictures of some of them - this is Alice - she is married to Mark's twin brother (and she was a hostess at the Bridesmaids Luncheon) and their daughter, Grace (who is in middle school).
This is Mark's other brother, Bill and his wife, Rebecca.

Ahhh - sweet D (dona) and Gary. We sure do love y'all, too!

Becky and Matt - our weekend wouldn't have been so perfect if they hadn't been with us!! I'm not sure if Becky's eyes are closed . . . .

Our sweet girl, Laura and Jerel - Jerel sang at the wedding and did an amazing job. He sang "Before the Throne."

Wade (the preacher!!) and Julia, his cute pregnant (due in April) wife. Mama Bear is to the left of Julia and you can see Scott's head and then Kim and Dave and Phella and Guy.

The two Susie's . ..Susie, my sister-in-law and Susie, my mother-in-law

Porter and Laura and Allen . . .

Bob and Susie - such a cute picture and I have a great picture of their three boys but the blog won't upload it for some reason. Paul - who is at Clemson; Ben - who is at Vanderbilt and Thomas - in high school. Bob and Susie look so good!!

They did a personalized menu - we had a choice of pork, salmon or beef. I chose beef and it was so delicious - melted in my mouth.

Ann (mother of the bride) was sitting next to me and she chose salmon and let me take a picture of her plate.

This was the delicious beef.

Mark started the toasts and welcomed everyone to the party and thanked everyone for coming. Then Kaylor made his toast . . .which was typed . . .and long . . .and funny . .. and made even funnier by a little slurring of his words . . .and he told Glenn not to screw it up . . .which several of them said that night! It made my heart sing to hear those big ol' boys get up and share from their hearts. They did an amazing job. Steven, one of the friends, re-wrote and shared a personal Bro' code for Glenn and I laughed so hard that I had tears running down my face. Michael and Jon also shared along with John Carl and Levi. They all did an amazing job and I am so impressed with each one of them. They told funny stories and they told sweet stories and they are such great guys.
It was truly a wonderful night . . .I'm sorry that George's car was messed up . . .and I'm sorry that the valet service is not taking care of it . .. and I'm sorry that Will's car was messed up . . .but if we could take out that junk - it was truly a perfect night!! I'm sure that I'm leaving out some details . . .wish I could remember every single little thing!!! Next week . .. the actual rehearsal - which was really good, too.

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