Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimmin' Swimmin' in the swimmin' pool

So what is a girl like me to do? I love sitting in the sunshine. I love hanging out at at a pool on a day like this. I NEED sunshine. I THRIVE in the sunshine. When our kids were growing up, we always had a membership at a local pool. When we lived in Helena, we belonged to Gobbler's Knob Swim & Tennis. Our kids could jump off the diving board and do a basic crawl stroke to the ladder when they were three years old. When we moved to this house, we joined the Shades Cliff pool. I loved that our kids were swimmers because that meant I could hang out at the pool with them and not feel guilty. So on a gorgeous Saturday like this, what could I do? This should give you a hint. A pump, a box with a kiddie pool and a diet pepsi!!
The box said that this part of the project required two people but I was a desperate woman . . .a woman who needed sunshine. The two man project became a one determined woman project.

Look at this - there are even little windows in the side of the pool. Just so you know, the pool is ten feet long.

I have no idea how many gallons of water I poured into the pool but I do know that it was cold and took quite some time to warm up. Mark was at his mom's cutting her grass. He arrived home and pulled up our big hill driveway to find me . . .lying in this pool with my head floating on a noodle and my feet propped on the side. A woman desperate for sunshine . . . a woman with a solution :-)

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