Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pink explosion baby shower

On Sunday, we (Kim, Laura, Phella, Dona, Melinda and I) hosted a baby shower for Emily. Her baby is due soon and we wanted to help her welcome baby Grayson into the world. We wanted to surround her with love!! Here we are at the beginning of the shower (Dona and Melinda were both out of town). Here is our pink explosion :-) Pinks of all shades from the palest pink to coral. We borrowed the acrylic stand from Mary Michael who goes to our church. I saw it several months ago on her blog and immediately asked if we could borrow it. We served tiny cupcakes and chocolate truffles made by Phella. We served all shades of pink m & m's with Grayson's name printed on them. We served cheese straws made by my sweet mother-in-law. Let's see, what else did we serve? We had tiny heart shaped sandwiches filled with a cream cheese/shredded white extra sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack blend and craisins. Laura M. dipped pretzel rods into chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles. We also served chocolate dipped strawberries and plain strawberries. And, of course, we served mixed nuts.

Here is a pile of those wonderful cheese straws!
I used my silhouette SD to cut little dresses and then decorated them with trims. I used various letters from scrapbooking stash to spell out her name. I then tied ribbon to the plants on the mantel and made a ribbon clothes line. Turned out pretty cute.

Here are the napkins. They are so simple to fold and cut. You just re-fold the napkin to where the open edges are on the front. You then cut a little slit on each side to make the sleeves and fold the bottom sides back at an angle. Then you fold the front edges back to make a collar. Then use a hole punch to punch through both layers and tie a piece of ribbon through for the finishing touch.

She received so many presents. She received bottles and diapers and clothes and a tiny little bathrobe. I honestly don't think I have ever seen so many presents at a shower!!


  1. It turned out SO CUTE! And how creative are you. I love love love the napkins and the banner is adorable. Can you throw my shower next!?!? :)

  2. Very cute indeed! Perhaps I can hire you to help throw the next baby shower I host? You are so creative!