Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too cute to eat - peep peep

Several weeks ago, I had to wait for a long time in a doctor's office waiting room. I read two magazines while waiting and the choices were limited. One of the magazines was Family Fun (or something like that). Considering our "children" are now 23 years old, that was sort of an unusual choice. . . but I found two great ideas and was phone savvy enough (which is a miracle) to take a picture of the two pictures (because I didn't think I could tear the page out of the dr.'s magazine). Below is a picture of my finished project. These were our devilled eggs for Easter Sunday lunch. I'm going to be honest - they were pretty time consuming to make. As a matter of fact, as I was making them I thought to myself, "why didn't I do this kind of thing when my kids were younger?" Then I immediately started laughing because with very active twins, I didn't have time to make egg chickens. Aren't they cute? Laura said she couldn't eat it because it was so cute. I made a nest of shredded lettuce and their feet are carrot coins trimmed to look like chicken toes. The recipe called for capers for the eyes but I chopped some black olives into eye shapes - they look a little like cool chickens with sunglasses :-) The other idea that I found in the same magazine was for sock bunnies. Several posts back, I told you about our stuffettes in the church office and I shared with you how we give them "goodies" for the holidays. I decided to make these sock bunnies. Instructions were pretty simple. I hit the first snag when I went to buy children's pastel colored socks. I found one package at Walmart with one light pink, one grey, one brown, one purple and a bunch of white socks. I marched over to the laundry aisle and promptly placed two packages of Rit pink dye in my cart. The first step was to dye a lot of socks!! They were really simple to make. It took about a bag of lentils per bunny and I cut the teeth and nose out of felt. I think the original directions said to use felt for the eyes but Laura and I thought that the jiggly eyes gave them so much more personality. By the time I finished, I had made enough bunnies for all of our volunteers, all the children of my co-workers and Laura and Lauren. This one is in Lauren's Easter bowl - yes, bowl - when your kids are 23, sometimes you make Easter bowls instead of baskets . . .and yes, they still get an Easter something - that will follow in another post.

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