Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beer and Baskets-Easter and Basketball

It is so rare for all four of us to be at home together and to share a meal together and I am so happy when we have some time together. The Saturday night of Easter weekend was one of those wonderful nights. We knew that we wanted to be at home so that we could watch the Butler basketball game and cheer for Ronald Nored. Just to brag a little - he goes to our church!! They played a great game but didn't win. I even boiled some eggs and set up the dye and guess what? I was able to coerce both Glenn and Laura - even though they are 23 years old - to dye at least one egg each.
We grill steaks - yummy!! Side note - we always watch for the Pig (Piggly Wiggly grocery store for those of you not in Alabama) to put their steaks on sale. They have a great sale and we buy quite a few!

Glenn decided to fry some pickles and all we had was Wickles - pretty good. Wickles are another Alabama product - made in Dadeville, AL. They are wickedly delicious little pickles - sort of a sweet pickle with a big bite! Mark loves to eat the red peppers out of the jar - not me, though!! They also fried some trout that we got in our Grow Alabama box (program that supports local farmers). Laura and I are both very very picky about our fish and Mark told us not to eat any - Mark will eat anything that swims in a lake or ocean so I was surprised that he didn't think it was good. I don't think I'll be adding that to my box order anymore. (the vegetables have all been yummy - that should be another post!)

Back to the title - Beer and Baskets . . .when the kids were in middle school and were getting up really early on Easter Sunday to sing at the Sunrise service, we started giving our Easter baskets on Saturday night. There was just no way to cram it all in and that wasn't really what Sunday was about anyway. So I had made them both (actually should say three because I made one for Lauren also) Easter bowls this year. I look around and on one table are the pretty colored Easter bowls and on the other table sat this . . .
Yes, a Land Shark beer - a favorite in our household (except for me - don't like beer at all). I started laughing. There is something strange about Easter baskets and beer together. Since I've never been a middle-aged mom with "grown" children, this is new territory for me!! The more I looked at this picture, I realized what that paper is underneath. We have a young adult Bible study in our house on Tuesday nights and that was the Lord's prayer that we had used on Tuesday night. I didn't get very many pictures on Easter morning . . .I'm hoping that either Laura or Lauren got some in front of the Resurrection Cross on Sunday morning and I'm hoping that one of them might share with me!!

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