Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jack's House

Our daughter, Laura is working on her Master's degree in Education. (Our son is working on his Master's in Exercise Physiology but he is in Auburn and I don't ever get to take pictures of his fun stuff - do you think he has fun stuff in Exercise Physiology? Ok - one of Laura's big projects was in Children's Lit (I guess that is what class this is for). I cannot tell you how many hours she spent creating these for a presentation. Here is "the" house that Jack built.
This is the rooster that crowed in the morn and the dog that worried the cat.

This is said cat . . .let's see what did the cat do? This is the cat that killed the rat. With Mr. Cat is the cow with the crumpled horn (see those horns!!) We also have the Rat who ate the cheese (pictured also) that lay in the house that Jack built.

I can't seem to keep all the people straight - I know that there is a man all tattered and torn - see him in the middle (bottom) with patches? I guess the girl on the left is the maiden who was all forlorn (but she is smiling!!). The cool guy in the tuxedo including tails is the judge all shaven and shorn . .that married the man all tattered and torn that kissed the maiden all forlorn (beginning to see the picture?) The guy at the top with bag of seeds is a farmer who was planting corn and my favorite is the artist who had drawn a picture of the farm planting his corn.
You can't see it but he even has an artist's brush in his hand. Hopefully, in the fall of 2011, Laura will begin teaching in an elementary school somewhere and I do think her artistic ability will come in handy. Yes, I am a middle-aged mother bragging on her 23 year old daughter - Yes, I am!

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