Sunday, February 25, 2024

Smoking Hot Sunday Stealing

I'm joining up with the Sunday Stealing gang. Bev steals the questions and we answer. 

1. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? I have smoked one regular cigarette in my life trying to be cool (how dumb was that?). My daddy was a smoker and smoked unfiltered Camels. He did quit smoking because I came home from early elementary school and told him he was going to die . . .and I imagine I cried. I’m sure there were other reasons he quit. I will tell you that he did die of lung cancer many years later (when I was 25). All of this to say that I did inhale a lot of second-hand smoke in my early life.

2. What do you think of hot dogs? To be honest, I don’t “think” of hot dogs very often hahaha! I do enjoy eating a good hot dog – no raw onions, please. Sneaky Pete’s has a chili cheese dog that is very good. (adding this several hours later . . .hot dogs must have been on my mind after this question because I ate 2 Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs on 2 keto buns for lunch!! I just had no sugar added Heinz ketchup and mustard on them.)

3. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? I start my day with Diet Pepsi!

4. What's your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? I love my engagement ring and wedding ring. Mark also gave me a diamond necklace and earrings but I don’t wear them that often. I have a piece of costume jewelry from my mom that I don’t wear but have always loved. It is a peacock with multi-colored stones. (I went upstairs to take a picture of the peacock pin and I'm guessing it was a casualty of the fire. I've looked everywhere for it - through all of the odds and ends of old jewelry - and I can't find it. Does anyone know what that gold thing in the upper middle is -- looks sort of like a ring with a chain? Some of this jewelry was my mom's and some belonged to Mark's Aunt Nelle. That funky piece and the gold charm bracelet belonged to Aunt Nelle.

I did find my long strand of pearls (below) that my daddy gave to me. I think he opened some money market accounts (or whatever we had back in the 70's/early 80's) and the pearls were a gift for a large deposit. I don't have many things from either of my parents so I love what I do have.

5. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Diet Pepsi is number one. I try to drink some water everyday. Oh wait . . .are you talking regular day to day drinks or alcoholic drinks? I love a good Moscow Mule or a good Cosmopolitan. I love Margaritas, but they have lots of sugar. Have you tried Cayman Jack no sugar added Margaritas? They are delicious, too.

6. Like to travel? Yes! Yes! Yes! I would be happy to be on a plane right now!

7. What should you be doing right now? I should be taking a shower and getting dressed. I should also be studying for my mid-term, which is due by Thursday of this week.

8, Your phone rings. Who do you want it to be? How about one of our kids or grandkids?

9. Do you like to ride horses? I have ridden a horse a few times in my life at tourist locations – Smoky Mountains and Hawaii.

10. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? It depends. If I’m with good friends, I’m a talker – both Mark and I are. If I’m with folks I don’t know well, I’m a listener until I get more comfortable. Mark and I can be the life of the party 😊 or either the really obnoxious guests hahaha!

11. What's in your pocket right now? There is nothing in my pocket right now but there is usually a Kleenex.

12. Last thing that made you laugh? We went over to our son’s house last night and Mark and granddaughter #1 were playing Barbies. On the way home from the basketball game, I heard her say, "Pops, do you have a story for the Barbies?" Mark invents these elaborate stories for them to use and last night's story involved the Barbies running away to be a part of the circus and they were walking on a tightrope. It was cute!!

13. How many TVs do you have in your house? We have 3 TV’s. Mark has one in the garage in front of the treadmill and his exercise bike. We have one in the family room and one in our loft/den/living space upstairs.

14. Who's your loudest friend? I am. We were just talking about that the other day. I’m loud. Our daughter is loud. Her daughter is loud. Most of our friends are more quiet.

15. Favorite sports team? (If you don't have one, just state that). Auburn Tigers – we are all Auburn, all the time.


  1. I have a massively good cigarette smoke detector. When I leave my house, I can tell when the man next door is there smoking before I see him.

  2. A fun Sunday Stealing!! I grew up inhaling second hand smoke too. My dad died of lung cancer when he was just 63. Horrible disease. Hugs!

  3. My father was a heavy smoker and I grew up breathing a lot of second hand smoke. Most people in my family who have died died of some sort of lung disease. It surprises me that I am 81 and have no lung cancer.

    1. It sounds like your odds are good to NOT have a lung disease since you haven't.

  4. Late to the party but no, we don't eat hot dogs either but I remembered we randomly have some and sent that to my family as a dinner option, since I won't be home. LOL.