Wednesday, February 7, 2024

A Little of this and a Little of that

January was/is our Generosity month at church. This is a time where we ask folks to make a pledge of how much they will give over the year (tithe). A person isn't held to this. If life changes, folks can update their amount. We were to have our Leadership Dinner on MLK day but there was the chance of ice, so we postponed a week. Our theme was Greek (Paul-Corinthians) and our Chef made amazing food for the evening. We had stuffed grape leaves and Greek salad and pita and homemade hummus. We had chicken kebobs and Greek potatoes. It was a yummy meal. We, as the staff, were the servers to our leaders. One job I've never held is a server in a restaurant, but I think I did ok!!

We had great music. Our theme was "Cheerful" so we had some funny videos of our pastors and staff.

I told y'all that our designer (from the re- build of the house) came with a photographer to take photos of our house. She posted this one on social media of Harvey.

A week or so ago, Mark and I went to eat lunch at Ted's, a restaurant that has been in town for over 50 years. We were the recipients of a gift card.

Mark had fried chicken livers (not I).

I had a hamburger steak, brussel sprouts, and broccoli rice casserole. Needless to say, we ate yogurt for dinner.

Last weekend, we had supper club at our house and I made chicken pot pie. I should have taken a picture after I cooked it, but I forgot. It was delicious and we had a great time. We sat at the dining room table long after we had finished eating. We laughed a lot.

The last Sunday of January was our Celebration Sunday -- the Celebration of a wonderful month of Generosity. We had our Welcome Center decorated and it looked amazing.

We went to Soho Taco for dinner on Thursday night and then we went to the Homewood Theater for a great play. I laughed a lot. Community theater is fun. A lot of our friends have season tickets, too, and that makes it even more fun.

I have no pictures of Friday night but I went to a co-worker's home with a few others and we ate dinner together and participated in an on-line women's conference from Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City. There were lots of ladies participating in person but we did the on-line version. Covid was good for something. We know now how to stream just about anything!! On Saturday, we all watched/listened from our own homes and had a text thread going between us.

Mark moved several of our plants to the garage for winter and this one is thriving!

We actually had a warm and sunny Saturday, but this is Alabama. We will have ups and downs in temps from now through March. It was nice to sit on our porch.

 Our neighbors invited us over to eat outside on Saturday night because the weather was amazing (before the monsoons arrived!). She has a garden in her yard and grew the Brussels and we had sweet potatoes and smoked chicken. I contributed some brown sugar brownies.

We watched Auburn basketball while eating.

The three of them toasted with an after dinner drink of RumChata mixed with something else. I politely declined.

I worked Sunday morning and we thought no one would come because of the rain but we were surprised once again. Our church parking lot was totally full so we greeted lots of folks!

Sunday afternoon, I made a giant pot of spaghetti sauce because I was going to (and did) make lasagna for our young adult group.

I took this picture of Harvey this weekend. He is such a handsome boy!!

All right - I'm caught up!! If you read all of this, you are amazing.


  1. That food looks so good! Bet it was yummy.
    Blessings. xx

  2. I LOVE your sweet Harvey!! He is handsome, indeed! Your sauce looks so delicious! Sitting around the table with loved ones after a delicious meal, sharing conversation and laughter is the absolute best!! xo

    1. Harvey is such a good boy! You are correct - there is nothing like sitting around the table after a delicious meal -- the love and laughter are the best!

  3. This was fun!! It was fun catching up with you!!
    I love Harvey.

    1. Harvey is a very good boy :-) . . . (most of the time hahaha!)