Friday, September 28, 2018

Have I fallen off the face of the earth?

I had such good intentions! I was going to start writing again while on vacation. I was going to write whether I published or not but then I fell off the face of the earth. Sort of! 

We were on vacation and we were having a marvelous time with out lovely children and wonderful granddaughter. We enjoyed beautiful weather and the fishing was fine (according to hubby, son, and son-in-law).

On Monday (day three of vacation) I was out on the fishing pier early to check on our guys and to see what they were catching.

I checked on Fred - we don't know if he is the same bird or not but A bird (just like him!) has been on the pier every single year

I enjoy watching the sunrise! I decided to get in a few steps and started walking briskly up and down the pier. The pier is long and the pier is metal.

this was taken on another night but
you can see that it is indeed
long and metal!

Imagine my surprise when I found myself face down on the METAL pier. My flip flop evidently caught on a tiny lip of a metal plank and I was walking FAST and I now truly know what it means to FACE PLANT. I did it.

STOP HERE IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH! (No blood or gore or vomit (my worst nightmare!) but giant bruises galore!) I decided that I needed to document this crazy journey so this post is as much for me as anything.

I will tell you a funny thing -- Mark and I are not into PDA. After I fell, when he was walking me back down that long pier to go into the condo, he said, "here hold my hand." I had said that my legs were wobbly (as they should have been!). When he said those words, I thought to myself, "Sh*t . . .I'm going to die!" I figured if we were holding hands, my injuries must be fatal!!

We did not go to the hospital. We face-timed with our doctor and the ice packs began. My sweet daughter and daughter-in-law and my sweet hubby all took good care of me - actually, they all took good care of me. Even sweet Emma would curl up on the sofa with Gran and watch cat videos (there are some funny ones out there - did y'all know that??)

It wasn't THAT bad - ha! It was a huge rectangular goose egg. It was the biggest goose egg that any of us had ever seen and it was rectangular. I know I told y'all that two times - but who has a rectangular goose egg??? My nose was slightly scratched. My head hurt. My knee and elbow were bleeding. My belly was bruised and both of my hands had some bruising and scratches BUT I didn't break any bones or teeth. I swear that I think there is a small hairline crack in my skull!!

On Day two I had the most unbelievable black eye I've ever seen!! My eye was swollen closed.

By Day three, I was looking even rougher but the best was yet to come!

When I showed the above picture to a friend, she told me that I looked like someone about to be admitted to prison! I must admit that I don't look like myself. It hurt to comb/brush my hair so for a couple of days, I just let it airdry.

I'm going to be honest. I decided not to allow this to ruin my vacation. I stayed inside for most of the first day and kept ice on my head/face. I wore sunglasses (which I normally have a hard time wearing) some - even in a couple of restaurants. I must admit that I freaked out a couple of folks who served our table in restaurants. I actually slowed down. I iced my face A LOT.

The picture above was on Friday after I fell on Monday. Both sides of my face were bruised along with the goose egg on the forehead.

The picture above was at work yesterday -- Day 17!!! The swelling is gone from my cheeks. My head still hurts (thank God for motrin and Tylenol!!). Each day, the goose egg is getting smaller.

This is yesterday (above) compared to about a week ago -- smaller!

I just haven't felt like writing. This is one of our busiest times at work so I've worked hard every day (that is a good feeling!). I've been riding my bike every evening for about 10 miles. After working all day and exercising, I've just wanted to crash for a little while and then go to bed!

Gran has a boo boo! Gran has a BIG boo boo!

Did I fall off the face of the earth? NOPE! I just fell on the pier.

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  1. You couldn't time it closer to Halloween? Perfect costume - you don't even look like yourself in some of those pictures! So sorry that happened!