Sunday, September 9, 2018

Food, Food, and More Food!

Today's post does not count as "writing" but here are the questions from Sunday Stealing:
Food Again!

1.   Ever had ramen noodles? How do you fix yours? Do you add anything to them?  
My favorite way to eat ramen noodles is toasted with sunflower seeds and almonds . . .and then mixed with shredded cabbage, green onions, and a dressing made with vinegar, oil, sugar, and the dry seasoning packet from the ramen noodles! 
2.   Do you like spicy foods?
I can't say that I like ALL spicy foods - do you mean "spicy" or "hot"? I like things that are well seasoned but I don't like to eat things that burn my mouth.
3.   Crispy or grilled chicken on your salad? 
grilled . . .though fried would be delicious!
4.   Do you like corn on the cob?
Yes, I do! I like it without anything on it - just plain! Of course, it is yummy with butter. Let me tell you a weird thing - when I was a little kid, we put mayonnaise on our corn on the cob. I always thought that was the strangest thing when I realized that the rest of the world ate butter on their corn. A few years ago I found out that Mexican street corn has mayo on it!!
5.   Pumpkin or apple pie? 
mmmmm . . .both are good!
6.   Dinner rolls or crescent rolls?
Crescent rolls . . .yummy and flaky! Of course, you can't be a Sister Schubert's roll. For those of you not from Alabama . . ..Sister Schubert's rolls originated in Alabama!!
7.   How do you like your eggs?
scrambled or made into an omelet or deviled 
8.   Most expensive meal you have ever eaten?
Many years ago, Mark and I went to Las Vegas on a business trip and we ate at Emeril Lagasse's restaurant. We weren't paying for that dinner but that bill must have been astronomical. We had drinks and appetizers and desserts.
9.   Do you like stir fry?
Yes! When we were newlyweds (a million years ago), we cooked in a WOK quite often. 
10.  What kind of pots and pans do you use?
Last year, we purchased All Clad -- a whole set plus some extras including a waffle iron. I have cooked in cheap pots and pans all of my life and now I have GOOD ones!!
11.   Do you like Brussel sprouts?
Love them! Did not like them until a few years ago when someone served them to me ROASTED. Roasted brussel sprouts are a game changer! There is a "meat and three" restaurant in town that serves tiny brussel sprouts floating in butter . . . those are good, too!!
12.   Canned or fresh tomatoes?
Fresh tomatoes for the win! In the summer, I eat at least one tomato a day. We have a "farmer's market" truck in our parking lot three days a week (at work) and I buy tomatoes all summer long.
13.   BBQ Chicken or Ribs?
This is a weird thing . . .I don't eat ribs. I do love BBQ chicken and I love BBQ pork and I love brisket!
14.   Do you like coffee?
I like to smell it but I don't drink it.
15.   Cupcakes or ice cream cake?
Icing. So I guess that means cupcake but I would eat the icing and leave the cupcake. Actually, I haven't eaten dessert in 19 months so neither!
16.   Hot dogs or polish sausage?
17.   Do you like cinnamon toast?
Cinnamon toast makes me think of childhood! Yum.
18.   Do you eat dinner at the table or in front of the TV? 
We eat at the island in our kitchen which is open to the family room but we rarely turn on the TV during a meal.
19.   Do you like to BBQ?
We "BBQ" all of the time in the south - but BBQ encompasses grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, grilled steaks . . .We "cook it on the grill" and BBQ means smoked pork, beef, or brisket.
20.   Do you like cold cuts? I eat Hillshire Farms Turkey (no preservatives, etc.) almost every day. This may sound strange but sometimes I eat a turkey roll up for breakfast!
21.   Do you like rice?
I really love rice and beans at the Mexican restaurant. I don't eat a lot of plain rice. We ate in a cool outside restaurant tonight and I ordered my tacos in a bowl and they included the rice. The rice is in the trash can - not because I don't like it but I "drank" my carbohydrates!
22.   Macaroni and cheese?
This is the south. We serve macaroni and cheese at every family gathering in the south. 
23.   Key Lime Pie?
24.   Favorite Fair/Carnival Food?
Corn dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy - I love the SMELL of carnival food probably more than the taste!
25.   What kind of gravy do you like?
What do you mean - what kind? I like almost any kind of gravy!! I like sausage gravy on a biscuit. I love gravy on my turkey and dressing. I like brown gravy.
26.   Jalapeno Poppers?
maybe? I like the inside and the bacon around the outside but am not too fond of the actual jalapeno.
27.   Broccoli/Chicken Alfredo?
Sounds delicious! What time are you serving?
28.   Do you like cottage cheese?
I have to be IN the mood for cottage cheese. I do cook with it more than I eat it.
29.   Do you like lasagna?
I love lasagna - especially the best lasagna ever by the Pioneer Woman.
30.   Do you like hard boiled eggs? We eat them often. I'm not sure I really like them but I eat them. I don't think I realized that about myself until I typed it! Have you bought the pre-cooked ones? They don't smell!!

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