Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm linking up with Five Minute Friday - we are given a "word" and asked to write for exactly five minutes and then stop . . .without editing!  Today's word is Speak!

When I read the word "speak" I thought of 1 Samuel chapter 3 when Samuel thinks Eli is calling his name but Eli finally realizes it is God and tells Samuel that the next time he hears the call to say, "speak for your servant is listening."  So I looked up this scripture and it always amazes me how much I forget between readings.  I had forgotten that God spoke to Samuel about Eli's family and then the boy (Samuel) had to tell Eli what God had said!

I also thought about SPEAK in regards to my own life.  I'm a talker so you would think that SPEAK would be easy for me.

In our world today there is so much going on.  Sometimes I want to SPEAK out but there is a major problem.  I'm fairly moderate in my beliefs and I have UBER conservative friends and family AND I have UBER liberal friends and family.  I never have the courage to SPEAK up about what I really think.  I actually have opinions - if you know me you aren't surprised - but rarely feel that I can truly SPEAK my opinions.  Everyone else seems more than willing to share their opinions - the left bashes the right and the right bashes the left continuously.  Sometimes I wonder if people realize what they are actually saying or are they just spouting out words. I also wonder if folks realize how much hate they are spewing yet proclaim Christ in their next breath.

I will say that I am blessed indeed to have one or two friends with whom I can be truly honest.  I can SPEAK FREELY with those people.

As usual, my writing is all over the place from "SPEAK your servant is listening" to  . . .my thoughts about not speaking out but maybe I just needed to SPEAK the things on my own heart.

Do you speak out?

p.s. added after the five minute timer - I DO NOT THINK VIOLENCE is the answer and the thought of Nazis scares me to death.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post as you put thoughts into words as the thoughts flowed. I'm also more of a centrist, and have endeavored to refrain from speaking knowledgeable thoughts as well as opinions of politics until this year. Choosing to say anything is indeed a very rocky road. Grateful to God that you have some friends with similar views to discuss these topics.

  2. I completely understand not having the courage to speak up. I am much the same way, but am trying to get better. Visiting from the #6 spot at the FMF.

  3. I enjoyed your post. I also understand not having the courage to speak up. I let fear keep me silent. I'm trying to become bolder and to speak up more. Thanks so much for writing this post. :-)

  4. I hear you! Because I was once a mercenary, some people think I'm an arch-conservative.

    Some people know I was once a college teacher, so THEY think I'm a bit to the left of Fidel Castro.

    It's hard to speak past the stereotype.

    #2 at FMF this week.

  5. I agree that it truly is a gift to have those two or three special people that we can talk with freely and share our opinions...even if they don't completely agree! I often feel I'm "choosing my words" carefully - but, perhaps, that isn't such a bad thing after all:)

    Visiting from FMF...and glad to have found your blog!