Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016 is in the books . . .random post #1

Once again, if you are reading this - thanks for stopping by.  This post is one of those "I want to remember a few things" post so feel free to stay and read or to glide through the pictures - but come back and read again!!

I know that I posted this picture last week but she is so cute that I couldn't help posting again!!

Miss Tiny Tiger wore the cutest red shoes throughout the holidays.  I want some in my size.  Glenn and Lauren kept her with them for the Christmas Eve Eve service, the Christmas Eve service, and the Christmas day service.  I know that I am biased but she was really good - of course, it helped that we outnumbered her and passed her up and down the pew/row.

Our weather is always strange in Alabama but this year it has been REALLY strange.  A couple of weeks ago it was almost 80 degrees and today the temp never rose out of the 40's.  When it was 78, our cat was in heaven.  He loves the screen porch.  Look at his sweet little paws crossed over each other.

Here are a few of our decorations.  Wesley, one of our young adults gave us this Pottery Barn pillow last year.  It has red jingle bells on the corners and I love the pop of "cheery" that it brings.

We had the saddest little Christmas tree ever this year but when you put on lots of lights and ornaments, even the saddest tree become quite beautiful.

I loved our mantle this year.  Since "gold" has been making a comeback . . . and I love gold . . .guess what color I chose?  GOLD!  I'm so thankful that I kept my old gold decorations in a red and green tub in the attic.

We stopped hanging our stockings on the mantle a few years ago (when they fell and pulled down the garland, etc.!)  I think it is fun to hang them on the stair rail.  At the bottom right, you can see how I keep our Christmas cards - my daughter-in-love taught me this trick.  You use on "o" ring and punch a hole in each card as it arrives.  I put one of our cards on top.  I now have rings for 7 or 8 years.

I bought these little trees a long time ago - at Walmart, of all places!  They are one of our most loved decorations.  Yes, those are real antlers.

I also love our nativity.  It is Fontini and my mother-in-love started it for us. 

Last year, a day or two after Christmas, I was in (once again) Walmart!  They had marked all the Christmas merchandise down to 75% off (or more!) and I bought 5 little trees with burlap tied around the "root ball."  I bought them to use in the box that Brian made for me a couple of years ago.  I love changing up the stuff in the box for each season!  See . . .I told you I love gold -gold tablecloth; gold berries; gold ornaments; gold candles!!

On the Tuesday night before Christmas, we hosted our young adult group for a Christmas party.  I ordered the food from Taziki's and the group LOVES the Friday Special (pasta and chicken with an incredible balsamic dressing over lettuce).  We played Dirty Santa and had fun!

On Christmas Eve, Mark, Glenn, Laura, Lauren, Emma and I went to the 5:00 service.  It was packed and it was a beautiful service.  We needed a new tradition this year, so Mark, Laura, and I cooked a Blue Apron meal when we got home from church.  We were later than normal eating but that was ok because . . .Santa came through our neighborhood and we were able to go outside and wait.  Everyone dresses really nicely in our neighborhood and everyone was outside in their best clothes (or pajamas if young).  Mark was mortified because I was outside in blue knit shorts, flip flops, and a sweat shirt.  It had been so hot all day!  Laura had on pajama pants and a t-shirt.  We fit right in!

You would have thought we were both little kids by our waiting and waving . . .along with the kids in the neighborhood.  It was fun.  What can I say?  We are who we are.  I felt a little bit like Buddy, the Elf.  I KNOW him!!

I'll post more about our holiday fun later!  Today is New Year's Eve and I'm going to go celebrate!

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