Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - really?

I just looked . . .I haven't posted anything since November 2, 2015.  Life has moved too quickly to document it, perhaps?  Actually, I think I have crawled inside my shell and have just stayed there.  Not totally true either (though I did just recently decide that I'm an extrovert with introverted tendencies) - hmmm. . . . .I've worked lots (advent when you work on a church staff is a little like super bowl week) . . . I've prayed lots (pregnant daughter-in-law, son with health issues, daughter living two hours away in a new job among other things). . . I've eaten lots (did you know that folks bring food to the church almost every day during the holidays - really good food!!).  I've walked lots (trying to build myself up for the Holy Land trip).

Every year, I make a pledge that I'm going to blog more often.  Probably not going to happen again.  I'll try!

To be honest, I just can't believe we are in the year 2016.  Where did 1986 go?  Seems like I blinked and morphed from being a new mother myself to a time of waiting on our first grandchild.  Mother to Gran in a split second - really!!

So - I read a devotion the other day that said instead of praying for things to be easier and better that we should be praying for "it to matter" - no matter what "it" is - either good or bad or indifferent.  I guess that is sort of like praying that whatever happens in our lives - God will be glorified.  I don't think I ever realized how hard it is to pray that prayer. . . until I became a mother.

Not sure where 2016 is going to take us . . but I do know that God will be with us.  Baby Jesus was born. 

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